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Good Morning From Hell

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Tune into Hell’s #1 podcast as Satan’s little brother Clayton and his “assistant,” Chris, interview Hell’s most infamous residents and chat about the ups and downs of eternal damnation. A Rooster Teeth Production.

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  • Good Morning From Hell podcast

    The Air Raid on Heaven w/ The Red Baron & the Hindenburg (Featuring Great Night)


    Jump into the cockpit with Clayton & Chris they attack heaven from the skies with the help of Hell's most famous pilots, The Red Baron and the captain of the Hindenburg!Featuring Justin Young & Brian Brushwood from the Great Night Podcast as The Red Baron & Max Pruss. Check out our other podcasts, Black Box Down & Tales from the Stinky Dragon here:
  • Good Morning From Hell podcast

    Spying on Heaven with Benedict Arnold


    Hell recruits one of history's greatest spies/traitors, Benedict Arnold, to sneak into Heaven for intel. Can Clayton trust his treacherous friend? Probably not. Special guest "Benedict Arnold" played by Mike Howard AKA SnowBikeMike from Kinda Funny. Grab some GMFH merch in time for Halloween! Go to and use code goodmorning14 for up to 14 free meals including free shipping!
  • Good Morning From Hell podcast

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  • Good Morning From Hell podcast

    The Sleep Paralysis Demon


    The evil creature that paralyzes people in their sleep sits down on Clayton and Chris this week to talk about how his life, career, and the most famous celebrity he’s squatted on. Featuring Andrew Rosas from Rooster Teeth as Balnock the Sturdy! Follow us on social and check out our merch! Check out Andrew’s show, The Most!
  • Good Morning From Hell podcast

    Romeo & Juliet Reunite


    After 400 years of separation, Romeo and Juliet are finally reunited on this special episode of GMFH! Has the love of this famous couple survived the test of time, or were they just a couple of dumb, hormonal teenagers all along? Juliet and Romeo played by Rooster Teeth's Jessica Vasami and Devin Finn, respectively. Check out our merch at Go to and use code GMFH to get 50% off an item
  • Good Morning From Hell podcast

    The Monster Under The Bed


    Recorded live from under a bed, Chris & Clayton interview one of Hell's most prestigious monsters about the challenges of his career, his training, and his third eye. Featuring special guest Tom Booker from the Good Morning! I Love You! podcast Support the show and get some of our merch!
  • Good Morning From Hell podcast

    When Karens Attack


    Chris and Clayton are visited by an unexpected and unwelcomed guest. It's not a demon, it's not a monster... it's a Karen. Special Guest "Karen" played by Lindsey Washburn from Funhaus!  Give the gift of HELL, check out our merch at
  • Good Morning From Hell podcast



    This week, we interview the craziest serial killer in Hell who was never even caught! Who is this madman? Why did he kill so many people? And how did he die? Guest starring Mikey and Todd from The Horror Virgin Podcast! Go to and use code goodmorning14 for up to 14 free meals, including free shipping Check out our new podcast, TALES FROM THE STINKY DRAGON!
  • Good Morning From Hell podcast

    Hell's #1 Game Developer


    When Clayton decides to create a video game about his life, he brings in Hell's #1 game developer, Enron LootBoxér. Enron LootBoxér played by Steven Spohn, COO of AbleGamers. Support a good cause and donate at Go to and use code GMFH to get 50% off almost any one item!
  • Good Morning From Hell podcast

    The Most Evil Person in Hell?


    This week Clayton and Chris searched the depths of Hell to find the most wicked, the most horrifying, the MOST EVIL person to dwell in the underworld: the dreaded Edith Pensburry. Special guest Edith Pensburry played by Charlotte McGrath from Funhaus! See Charlotte, Blaine, and other GMFH alumni in Camp Betrayal now!
  • Good Morning From Hell podcast

    Banking on The Babadour


    The Babadour stops by to teach his creative process to Chris and Clayton for assured success. Special guest “The Babadour” played by Eric Baudour from Camp Betrayal. Check out our new merch today! Go to and use code GOODMORNING14 for up to 14 free meals and free shipping!

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