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Girls, Guts, & Giallo

Annie Rose Malamet

Sign up for Bonus Episodes: A monthly podcast about subversive and controversial cinema hosted by Lesbian Vampire, Annie Rose and featuring various guests. A celebration of trash and feminine perversion.

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  • Girls, Guts, & Giallo podcast

    Rosemary's Baby (1968) Part II


    Lucé and I return with the rest of our discussion about Rosemary's Baby. Content note for discussions of rape and abuse.  Subscribe to my Patreon at
  • Girls, Guts, & Giallo podcast

    Rosemary's Baby (1968) Part I


    I'm back! You've all been so patient so you're in for a real treat. Comedienne and podcaster Lucé Tomlin-Brenner joins me once again for a detailed discussion of Rosemary's Baby. It is perhaps one of the most famous horror films of all time, shrouded in mysterious curses and dark 1960s counterculture history. We discuss reckoning with Roman Polanski's legacy of artistry and misogyny as feminist survivors, the occult boom of the late 1960s, why Mia Farrow upsets me, Charles Manson, and so much more.  If you like what I do and you miss weekly episodes, consider signing up for my Patreon at where I post bonus content and host screenings. 
  • Girls, Guts, & Giallo podcast

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  • Girls, Guts, & Giallo podcast

    Hellraiser (1987) Part II


    Tina Horn returns to finish our discussion on Clive Barker's Hellraiser. Sign up for more content at
  • Girls, Guts, & Giallo podcast

    Hellraiser (1987) Part I


    Part I of one of the most requested films for Girls, Guts, & Giallo! Famous pervert Tina Horn of Why Are People Into That?! joins me to discuss Clive Barker's opus: Hellraiser (1987)! In part one of this lengthy discourse, we discuss the production, the novella it's based on (Hellbound Heart), and why sadomasochism is an essential theme of the film. Stay tuned for part two next month. Sign up for my patreon at for more juicy content. 
  • Girls, Guts, & Giallo podcast

    Spring Breakers (2012)


    I'm back after a much needed break from main podcast episodes! For this new episode, I talked to music journalist Suzy Exposito about Harmony Korine's film, "Spring Breakers." We discuss themes related to whiteness and cultural tourism, culture at the beginning of the 2010s, and what Britney Spears represents to millennials. If you're missing more podcast episodes from me, be sure to subscribe to my Patreon at for bonus episodes and screenings. 
  • Girls, Guts, & Giallo podcast

    The Devils (1971)


    Horror writer Gretchen Felker-Martin joins me to discuss her favorite film, Ken Russell's extremely controversial nasty, "The Devils." We talk about the ethics of the film's production, horny nuns, and why we love this outrageous movie so much. 
  • Girls, Guts, & Giallo podcast

    Crash (1996)


    Comedienne and podcaster Lucé Tomlin-Brenner joins me for an extremely juice discussion on David Cronenberg's fetish fest, "Crash." Buckle up, because this is one is quite a ride. This episode was originally released as a bonus on my Patreon. 
  • Girls, Guts, & Giallo podcast

    Deep Red (1975)


    Artist and writer Drusilla Adeline joins me for a discussion on Dario Argento's most famous film. This episode was originally a bonus episode on my Patreon that I've decided to release in honor of the late Daria Nicolodi. If you love giallo history and lots of gender analysis, give it a listen. 
  • Girls, Guts, & Giallo podcast

    Eve's Bayou (1997)


    Black studies scholar and performance artist Zalika U. Ibaorimi joins me for an in depth discussion of Kasi Lemmon's masterpiece.  Sign up for my patreon at
  • Girls, Guts, & Giallo podcast

    Brazil (1985)


    Tina Horn returns to dissect Terry Gilliam's cult classic about failed, dystopian bureaucracy. It's a long one, folks! Buckle up. 

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