FRDH Podcast with Michael Goldfarb podcast

FRDH Podcast with Michael Goldfarb

FRDH Podcast with Michael Goldfarb

Host FRDH podcast. Radio essayist and documentarist for the BBC and NPR. Historian and author of Ahmad's War, Ahmad's Peace and Emancipation.

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  • FRDH Podcast with Michael Goldfarb podcast

    Brian Klaas on Power and Why the Wrong People Keep Getting It


    Power corrupts, we all know that, but according to Washington Post columnist Brian Klaas that's not why the wrong people keep getting it. In this wide ranging conversation with FRDH podcast host MIchael Goldfarb, Klaas, who has interviewed many dictators and strongman leaders talks about what makes some people seek out power and why too many of us are willing to let them have it, even though we know they shouldn't have it (think Donald Trump). Give us 42:16 to explain
  • FRDH Podcast with Michael Goldfarb podcast

    2021: A Personal First Rough Draft of History


    A first rough draft of the history of 2021, a year that began with a Trump inspired mob assault on America's Capitol, and ends in genuine fear about the future of American democracy. FRDH podcast host Michael Goldfarb gives his own personal rough draft of a year when time slowed down and the weird disruptions of the covid pandemic and strange pathologies encouraged by social media made getting a handle on events more difficult. Give him 19:30 to tell you about it.
  • FRDH Podcast with Michael Goldfarb podcast

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  • FRDH Podcast with Michael Goldfarb podcast

    Rediscovering America, One Library At A Time


    After spending a quarter of a century abroad as a foreign correspondent, Mark McDonald, came up with a novel way to rediscover America: he decide visit each and every one of the libraries funded by Andrew Carnegie in the first decades of the 20th century. In this FRDH podcast, McDonald and host Michael Goldfarb talk about the way local history is revealed when you stop in at a small town's Carnegie library
  • FRDH Podcast with Michael Goldfarb podcast

    Thanksgiving 400: Facts, Legends, Poetry


    2021 marks the 400th Thanksgiving, no other American holiday is encircled by so many different facts and legends, nor celebrated with such famous poetry and lyrics. For this FRDH podcast, host Michael Goldfarb looks at Thanksgiving 400 and tries to separate facts from legend and looks at how the holiday has evolved over centuries to its central place in American life. A 22 minute long meditation on historical legend and historical fact ... with poetry
  • FRDH Podcast with Michael Goldfarb podcast

    Bible Study for Atheists: Americans Are Selling Their Birthright


    In this episode of Bible Study for Atheist FRDH host, Michael Goldfarb, looks at how the story of Esau selling his birthright has echoes today, as many Americans are selling their birthright: Democracy. Give him 14:53 seconds to explain the connection between the Bible and today.
  • FRDH Podcast with Michael Goldfarb podcast

    How 9/11 Changed Everything ... In Britain


    People knew as they watched that 9/11 changed everything for the US but how it would change everything in Britain is a different story. In this FRDH podcast to mark the 20th anniversary of the WTC's destruction, host Michael Goldfarb looks back at his reporting in Britain since then to tell you about how Britain's Muslim minority has changed and also the big unintended consequence of 9/11 ... it will surprise you.
  • FRDH Podcast with Michael Goldfarb podcast

    Kabul's Fall: An Eyewitness's First Rough Draft of History


    The fall of Kabul, journalist Lynne O'Donnell's eyewitness account, is the essence of what journalists mean when we say we are writing the First Rough Draft of History. O'Donnell has been writing the first rough draft of Afghanistan's history for much of the last two decades. Give her a half-hour to give her eyewitness testimony to what happened at the very end and what might happen next.
  • FRDH Podcast with Michael Goldfarb podcast

    Afghanistan: Then, Now ... How, Why?


    The Taliban's rapid takeover of Afghanistan has people all over asking how and why did it happen. Afghanistan was America’s forgotten war but now everyone remembers it especially those who have never been there. But for those who have been deeply, emotionally, physically connected to the country and can remember then and now, the promise of the 2001 overthrow of the Taliban and the dieadly decades long disintegration of the possiblities of that moment these days have been unbearable. Sarah chayes is one of them. In this FRDH podcast interview Chayes looks back at what went wrong and frankly assesses whether anything could ever have gone right.
  • FRDH Podcast with Michael Goldfarb podcast

    How Podcasting Became a Cultural Phenomenon


    A podcast about how podcasting became the cultural phenomenon of the decade. There are literally millions of podcasts with tens of millions of episodes to listen to. In this FRDh podcast Michael Goldfarb looks at how and why some podcasts have become popular and why the BBC, NPR and the NY Times are all in on podcasting. Give him 15:07 to explain it all to you.
  • FRDH Podcast with Michael Goldfarb podcast

    Gavin Esler on How (and Why) Britain Will End


    Breaking up is hard to do and in this podcast former BBC news presenter Gavin Esler talks about the how and why of Britain's likely end. In a wide-ranging discussion with FRDH host Michael Goldfarb, Esler talks about the history of the UK and the political missteps of the last 25 years that have brought Britons and Britain to the brink of disintegration. Give us 27:37 to explain.

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