Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh podcast

Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh

Pharmacist | Health Coach | Functional Medicine Practitioner; sharing stories of healing featuring Dr. Terry Wahls, Abel James, Ari Meisel, and more!

Real talk, with real people, and real results so YOU can heal yourself naturally. Hosted by Dr. Anh, a board-certified pharmacist and health coach who believes the answer to better health is NOT found in a pill bottle but in WHAT we eat and HOW we choose to live our lives. Dr. Anh conducts weekly interviews with people who have healed themselves or their clients using food as medicine, including Dr. Terry Wahls, Abel James, and Ari Meisel. While the show focuses on food and nutrition, you'll also learn about supplements, exercise, mindset, and other alternative therapies that contribute to overall health and well-being.

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  • Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh podcast

    Decreasing the Impact of Environmental Toxins with Dr. Stephen Lewis


    Dr. Stephen Lewis and his wife Janet have a long history of helping people achieve their optimal health by utilizing extensive, but low cost lab work. Dr. Stephen Lewis, D.C. stays current on the latest research pertaining to nutritional supplements and optimal health. Janet Lewis is a Certified Natural Health Consultant with a unique perspective on alternative and complementary nutrition from studying with numerous national leading alternative health experts. They both traveled to China to study with traditional Chinese medical doctors and know the importance of proper nutrition in healing and maintaining the human body. Now in today's show with Dr. Stephen Lewis we talk about.....  Why eating organic simply isn't enough anymore Why it's important to detoxify everyday and how to do this The top 5 supplements that everyone should be taking What is one of the most important keys to healing and what is the book he recommends for learning more One of his favorite plants to keep in the home to help with environmental toxins How long does it take to truly heal Which hormone was key to his wife's weight loss And more... OK, let’s go chat with Dr. Stephen! RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE: Dr. Stephen and Janet Lewis' website: Fill out their health survey:  Get the Book: The Biology of Belief
  • Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh podcast

    Organic Gardening for Beginners


    Jackie Beyer grew up on Long Island about 20 miles from NYC. During her junior year in college she met her husband on a mountainside and they have been happily married for almost 25 years now! They live in a small cabin but her husband Mike is the resident baker and gardener. He grows a huge garden every year. Jackie is an artist and journalist who helps around the garden. She launched the Organic Gardener Podcast in January 2015. Jackie talks to amazing guests who are dedicated to eating and growing healthy nutrient dense food and protecting our planet.   Now in today's show with Jackie we talk about.....  Planning for your garden: What are the best to plant, and when What is the best type of garden to have for beginners How to make sure you have good soil How to test your soil to see what micronutrients are in the soil Which manure is good to use for your compost and which one you should NOT use An alternative to using manure  And more OK, let’s go chat with Jackie! Resources: Jackie's Website: More Information About Starting Small: Check Out Jackie's Free Garden Course: Get Jackie's Garden Journal and Data Keeper Connect with Jackie: Email:  Instagram:   Twitter:   YouTube:   Facebook:   Facebook Group:
  • Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh podcast

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  • Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh podcast

    Thriving With Mental Health After a Suicide Attempt


    Dr. Christina Bjorndal completed her Doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She is an authority in the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and eating disorders.  Having overcome many mental health challenges, Dr. Chris is a gifted speaker and writer. She has shared her personal story and philosophy of wellness with audiences across North America. Dr. Chris has helped many patients achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. She has written three books on mental health as well as a 10 week course and in-person retreat on mental health. Visit for more information about her books and courses. For patient resources you can go to: Now in today's show with Dr. Chris we talk about.....  What is orthomolecular nutrition and how she used it to heal hearself How to appropriately taper antidepressants The four foundational pillars of health that she works on with all her patients Her bedtime routine and favorite supplements for sleep Practical steps for calming your inner self-critic The heart meditation process she uses to help you improve and trust your intuition And more....   Connect with Dr. Chris Bjorndal on social media: Facebook: Dr. Christina Bjorndal Twitter: @drbjorndal YouTube: Christina Bjorndal Instagram: drchrisbjorndal
  • Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh podcast

    Endometriosis and Using Genomics to Guide Lifestyle Choices


    Dr. Erika Gray is first a wife and mother. She is also a pharmacist and a woman who struggled with endometriosis since she was 16 years old and ended it with alternative treatments that included dietary changes, progesterone, and supplements. After healing herself, she was inspired to help others who suffer from the same incapacitating condition, which led her to become a functional medicine pharmacist. In her journey, she also became aware of the importance of genomics and their impact on health, which is why she co-founded Toolbox Genomics which helps people interpret their genomic information into actionable lifestyle changes. Get your complimentary guide, The Top 5 Tips For Choosing a Genetic Testing Company, HERE. Now in today's show with Erika we talk about.....  What percentage of our genes is influenceable by our dietary and lifestyle choices The supplements she used to heal herself from endometriosis What you can take to help mitigate the effects of going out for a drink with friends and other ways you can protect yourself if you take a day to indulge Her best tips for how to free yourself from facebook Intermittent fasting and how to do it safely A day in the life of Erika in terms of food And more! OK, let’s go chat with Erika!
  • Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh podcast

    Healing from Sjogren's and Going Beyond Gluten


    Sandi Star is a holistic health practitioner with certifications in Clinical Nutrition, Herbology, and Aromatherapy. She is a member of the American Holistic Healthcare Association and speaks on various topics throughout the year across San Diego county. Sandi lost 6 dress sizes and has kept it off for over 30 years and has been gluten & cow dairy free for more than 10 years after struggling with IBS, Sjögren’s Syndrome (auto immune disease), Asthma, Fatigue and Migraines. She has hands on understanding of many health issues and is dedicated in creating awareness that will impact our nation's focus on disease prevention with proper nutrition. Sandi is the author of Beyond Gluten A Healing Transition which is available on Amazon and at in the Marketplace. You can also learn more about Sandi here: Now in today's show with Sandi we talk about.....  In today's society, whether anyone should be eating gluten products Is it safe to eat gluten when you are traveling abroad in Europe What supplements she recommends for accidental gluten exposure when eating out Tips for transitioning to a gluten-free lifestyle, and a recipe for one of her favorite pasta-free dishes What are some of the lab tests she completed to monitor the progress on her healing journey, and which test she continues to get done every year The simple activity she does every day to quickly reduce stress And more OK, let’s go chat with Sandi!  
  • Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh podcast

    Never Binge Again by Changing Your Emotional Relationship To Food


    Dr. Glenn Livingston is a veteran psychologist whose own personal jouney out of obesity inspired him to write the book Never Binge Again: Stop Overeating and Binge Eating and Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person On the Food Plan of Your Choice. Glenn has spent decades researching the nature of bingeing and overeating. He has worked with his own patients as well as over 40,000 participants in a self-funded research program. His work as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies in the food industry has given him a unique perspective on how psychology is used to market and sell food and food like substances to people. You can get the book for free in Kindle, Nook, and/or PDF format, plus a host of other free bonuses at In today's show with Glenn we talk about.....  The Lizard Brain and how it thinks The Emotional relationship to food: how does what you crave relate to your emotions How to create your own food rules and food plan The Toxic analogy and how to use that as a tool to give you the pause you need before you reach for a food to binge on  Why will power does not work and what to focus on instead  The mindset shift that will help you succeed if you fall off your plan  How to recognize different rationalizations and mental chatter and see them for what they are And more  Alright let's go chat with Glenn!
  • Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh podcast

    Lab Tests, Dairy Cravings, and Eating Healthy on a Budget with Kristin Thomas


    Kristin Thomas is a Holistic Health Coach (HHC) and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) specializing in digestive and autoimmune health. Inspired by her own digestive health journey, she became certified at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) to fulfill her life's purpose as a healer. Today, she helps patients find their own path to digestive wellness using natural, practical and individualized diet, lifestyle, and supplementation techniques. You can learn more about Kristin and her work here: and Now in today's show with Kristin we talk about.....  Foods to avoid to see an impact in your health right away, even if you are already eating pretty well Which non-grain health food that can still be problematic for some people How to deal with dairy cravings and what ingredient to use that mimics the flavor of dairy very well Kristin's tips for eating healthy on a budget and how to minimize fresh food from going bad What are some of the lab tests she completed to monitor the progress on her healing journey What a typical day in the life looks like for her in terms of food And more OK, let’s go chat with Kristin!  
  • Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh podcast

    Start the New Year Right: End Fatigue, Sleep Better, and Have More Effective Workouts with Dr. Sam Shay


    Get a head start on your New Year's Resolutions with these great tips from Dr. Sam Shay.
  • Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh podcast

    Daily Habits to Improve Fertility at Any Age with Dr. Aumatma


    Learn how to improve your fertility using a holistic approach with Dr. Aumatma, a holistic fertility specialist.
  • Food As Medicine with Dr. Anh podcast

    Anxiety: Food, Nutrients, and Amino Acids that Help; with Trudy Scott


    Learn what nutrients people with anxiety conditions are typically lacking despite eating clean, foods that trigger anxiety symptoms, and what amino acids to take if you are anxious or worried.

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