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Showing God’s Love to Women With Unplanned Pregnancies

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Imagine being single, and pregnant. Where would you go? To whom would you turn? In this heartfelt presentation, Amy Ford shares her testimony of having an unplanned pregnancy and feeling shunned by her church. She explains how that experience motivated her to become an advocate for women with unplanned pregnancies, and shares stories of women she’s helped through her ministry, Embrace Grace.


Your gift to support our Option Ultrasound program will equip pregnancy medical clinics across the country with ultrasound machines, resources, and sonography training for nurses, so that a mother considering abortion can see her baby, hear that tiny heartbeat . . . and be moved to choose life. Give now, and we’ll say thanks with a copy of the book Help Her Be Brave plus a free audio download of “Showing God’s Love to Women with Unplanned Pregnancies.”


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