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236 Bobbing for Apples

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What I really want to impress on you today is that you are beautiful. You are holy. You’re perfect. Your awareness of being is God. You are the operant power.

The filter you’re using to view yourself and your world is the only thing making you think you’re less than. 

What we see through the filter or our state of consciousness is so convincing we believe what we see and experience in the physical world is the only reality. And as we remain convinced, it feels nearly impossible to detach from it and trust the reality called imagination or awareness. 

I can never make you believe you're a limitless being experiencing yourself as a limited person. No amount of programs or books or podcasts can make you see just how wonderful you are. It is a first person present tense, singular experience. Everything really is already first person present tense, singular but it seems that there are powers and influences outside of your control. Because you believe them to be outside of you. 

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