Dope History podcast

Dope History

Tad Hussey, Chad Westport

Hosted by Tad Hussey and Chad Westport, the Dope History podcast weaves you through the lives of those who have been touched by cannabis or have had an influence on the events that shaped our laws or relationship with this plant. You can find us at, on instagram and facebook at DopeHistoryPodcast, and on Patreon at Dope History for additional content and ways to support the podcast. Our first season includes 2 posthumous guests, emphasizing the importance of capturing these stories. We have Tommy Chong, Wolf Segal, Jorge Cervantes, Tom Alexander, Eddy Lepp, Keith Stroup, Ed Rosenthol, and Madame Cannoli sharing Frenchy Cannoli’s life story.

9 Episódios