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Development Drums

Owen Barder

A podcast about development

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  • Development Drums podcast

    Episode 47: Todd Moss – The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction


    Bestselling author Todd Moss is a former senior State Department official who led America’s response to coups and crises in West Africa. He is also my colleague at the Center for Global Development, where he is a Senior Fellow and Chief Operating Officer.
  • Development Drums podcast

    Episode 46: Morten Jerven


    Morten Jerven explains why we know less than we should about what is happening in African economies, and why this is leading economists to the wrong recommendations. His first book, Poor Numbers: How We are Misled by African Development Statistics and What to Do About It explained the problems with Africa’s economic data; an his […]
  • Development Drums podcast

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  • Development Drums podcast

    Episode 45: Mind, Society and Behaviour (Varun Gauri)


    Varun Gauri talks about the relevance of behavioural economics to international development.
  • Development Drums podcast

    Episode 44: The Data Revolution


    Everyone seems to be talking about the data revolution these days. In this episode of Development Drums, I speak with two people who have thought more about what it is, how to make it happen, and what it means for development than just about anyone else.
  • Development Drums podcast

    Episode 43: Complexity


    In this episode of Development Drums, I speak with Ben Ramalingam and Stefan Dercon about whether complexity and systems thinking offers actionable insights for better development interventions.
  • Development Drums podcast

    Episode 42: The Idealist (Nina Munk on Jeff Sachs)


    Nina Munk’s latest book, The Idealist, is about Jeffrey Sachs and the Millennium Villages Project. It is also a book about the efforts that people in industrialised countries make to help poor people. It is a book about vision, passion and hubris. In this episode of Development Drums, Nina Munk tells the story of how she came to write the book, and what she learned about Jeff Sacha, and about development aid, as she did so.
  • Development Drums podcast

    Episode 41: The Great Escape (Angus Deaton)


    Professor Angus Deaton talks about his book, The Great Escape, which brings together his research into health, well-being, and economic development. The podcast includes a discussion in the second half of Professor Deaton's criticisms of the aid industry.
  • Development Drums podcast

    Episode 40: Why Nations Fail


    Daron Acemoğlu and James Robinson talk about their best-selling book, Why Nations Fail.
  • Development Drums podcast
  • Development Drums podcast

    Episode 38: Bob Geldof (edited)


    This podcast presents the edited version (about half an hour) of a longer interview with Bob Geldof; if you prefer you can listen to the full interview (1 hr 15 minutes) in episode 39 of Development Drums instead. Bob Geldof is a singer, songwriter, author, actor and part-time political activist. As lead singer of the […]

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