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Ep. 285: The Productivity Paradox

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One of the more interesting realities of people who live remarkable lives is that they are often much less busy than the rest of us. In this episode, Cal explores three ideas that help explain why this is true, then explains how we can use these ideas to reduce our own workloads.

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Video from today’s episode:

Deep Dive: The Productivity Paradox [7:31]

- How does a weekly plan work? [32:26]
- Do errands or reading count toward fixed schedule productivity? [36:55]
- How should a graduate embrace slow productivity? [40:11]
- If I embrace slow productivity, how can I be sure I’m doing enough? [41:54]
- Did Cal follow Slow Productivity in his 20’s? [47:45]
- CALL: Uprooting a good planning system? [53:23]

CASE STUDY: Playing video games with intention [58:05]

CAL REACTS:  How to Have a Productive Year [1:06:34]

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