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Ep. 283: How To Organize Your Life

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What is the correct first step in transforming your life into something deeper? Traditional advice says to start with a clear vision of what you value. Cal has been arguing that it’s instead more important to develop a foundation of discipline. In this episode, he explores a more specific variation of this idea: perhaps the best way to prepare to pursue the big is to first learn how to control the small.

Below are the questions covered in today's episode (with their timestamps). Get your questions answered by Cal! Here’s the link:

Video from today’s episode:

Deep Dive: How to organize your life [2:31]

- How do I “stay deep” when facing major changes? [36:37]

- How do I relax when I’m always so busy? [39:13]

- What is the difference between rituals and routines? [43:09]

- Can playing video games be part of a deep life? [51:27]

- Can deep life buckets connect to strategic plans? [57:39]

- CALL: Juggling multiple priorities to live a deep life [1:01:39]

CASE STUDY: Becoming organized to prevent overwhelm [1:07:32]

CAL REACTS:  How many books did you read in 2023? [1:13:47]


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