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Ep. 279: Confronting Overload

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We talk a lot on this show about getting more done, but what’s the best way to handle the inevitable situation in which you have too much to do? Cal walks through a sensible response to the crazy-making reality of overload.

Below are the questions covered in today's episode (with their timestamps). Get your questions answered by Cal! Here’s the link:

Video from today’s episode:

Deep Dive: Controlling Overload [4:48]

- Is building a “second brain” important? [37:53]
- How can I bill 40 hours a week without getting overloaded? [43:30]
- What book should I buy my department to best increase their work quality? [46:31]
- How do I make progress on projects that have lots of overhead? [51:53]
- How can my wife deal with her new position and the overload that comes with it? [57:35]
- CALL: What is Cal excited to gif this holiday season? [1:06:14]

CASE STUDY: Quitting Twitter to build a better life [1:09:55]

CAL REACTS: Why did students get dumber starting in 2012? [1:17:31]


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