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Ep. 276: Lazy or Disorganized?

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One of the most common types of messages sent in from listeners of this podcast are self-recriminations about laziness. But what does “laziness” actually mean? In this episode, Cal takes a deeper look at the common terms and sees that it’s often used to describe two unrelated phenomena. He then gives a big idea for overcoming each. 


Below are the questions covered in today's episode (with their timestamps). Get your questions answered by Cal! Here’s the link: 


Video from today’s episode: 


Deep Dive: Overcoming laziness [4:00] 


- How should I track small projects? [39:39] 

- How do I find time to bodybuilder when I have a demanding job? [44:56] 

- How do I remain motivated to work after graduation?[53:12] 

- How do I make the shift from warehouse work to web development? [59:20] 

- How do I deal with decision fatigue? [1:03:18] 

- CALL: Implementing advice from pragmatic non-fiction books [1:07:53] 


CASE STUDY: Pursuing a life of depth [1:11:31] 


CAL REACTS: Algorithms act as conveyor belts [1:22:51] 




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