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Ep. 271: The Long Game

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Much of the advice we discuss is about how to improve things right now. But what are the right strategies for ensuring that we’re happy about where we are five or even ten years in the future. How do we ensure, in other words, that we won’t look back at major swaths of our lives with regret? In this episode, Cal discusses three big ideas for playing the long game when it comes to cultivating a deep life. 


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Video from today’s episode: 


Deep Dive: What can you do now to stay content later? [3:30]  


- What habits help you escape complacency? [25:51] 

- How do I know if I need a major change to my life? [31:00] 

- How can I rediscover my drive to live deep with a boring (but stable) job? [36:08] 

- CALL: Avoiding the stress of having a large “to-do” list [41:07] 


CASE STUDY: Designing a deep work t-shirt to be productive [47:22] 


CAL REACTS: Is Social Media a Collective Trap? [56:03] 


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