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Episode 73 Transitioning from Clinical Caregiving to Leadership Roles with Tina Livaudais

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Are you considering moving for a direct patient care role to a broader leadership role? Tune into to our newest DaVita Leadership Insight podcast episode with Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Tina Livaudais as she shares her career journey from PCT to a her current role as CNO. Tina reflects on the challenges she faced moving from a frontline caregiver role into roles with less direct patient care. Making the transition into a business role can be a challenging shift as there is less opportunity to interact with patients and experience the excitement of being in a clinic. However, Tina shares that she was able to find a new type of fulfillment with a role that has a larger impact on patients on a larger scale.

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GUEST: Tina Livaudais, Chief Nursing Officer

HOSTED BY: Grace Berman and Doug Miller, Senior Directors, Wisdom

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