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DaVita is committed to creating a diverse Village where everyone belongs. To further your role in leading diversity and belonging and deepen your understanding of the power of women, listen to the new “Power of Women” (POW) podcast series here! In this new series, you will hear from a rotating panel of leaders on topics and challenges that women face in the workplace.


In this first Power of Women episode, Kathleen Waters, Chief Legal and Government Affairs Officer, interviews DaVita Board Member Barbara Desoer on her path to leadership and lessons learned along the way. Feeling successful at managing different phases of life can sometimes be elusive for women, especially when relatable examples are rare. Too often, women choose to opt-out when the alignment of their personal ambitions feel out of sync with their workplace experiences. While there is no silver bullet for success, Barbara openly shares some of her reflections on pivotal career and life decision points, including the impact of the various leaders who helped her navigate those decisions. If you are looking for inspiring examples of how to navigate these phases – for yourself, or women you care about – this episode is a welcome perspective that demonstrates the power of sharing personal experiences.

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