Dance Dad With John Corella podcast

Dance Dad With John Corella

Corella Dance LLC

As one of the co creators/executive producers of the hit reality show Dance Moms, this podcast will be a safe space to talk about all things Dance. I will have meaningful conversations with guests from the show Dance Moms, as well as discussing the colorful, magical Dance competition world that I grew up competing in and am still a part of teaching and choreographing for. Dancing and being in the film and TV Industry for over 40 years I will be talking with those who who have inspired me and we will share our knowledge on what worked, what didn’t and why. Growing up a young feminine boy who loved to dance was extremely challenging in a lot of ways. Now as gay man I will have some heartfelt meetings with people in the LGBTQ community to share about this and the suffering that goes on currently with adults and kids and how we can help and most importantly heal it. Put your dance shoes on every other Friday when this podcast comes out! Listen. Be Bold. Be Fierce. Sincerely, John Corella

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