Daily Motivations podcast

Daily Motivations

Elizabeth Benton

The Daily Motivations Podcast delivers powerful inspiration in 5 minutes or less. This 5-day-a-week show will help you transform your motivation into action and help you achieve your goals. Tune in for your daily dose of motivation!

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  • Daily Motivations podcast

    The Final Episode


    This is the final episode of the Daily Motivations Podcast. 
  • Daily Motivations podcast

    177 - Get It Right


    Your job isn't to be right, it's to get it right.
  • Daily Motivations podcast

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  • Daily Motivations podcast

    176 - Need To Escape?


    How are you spending your downtime? Do you feel the need to escape or zone out? What if you used that time to create a reality you don't need to escape from?
  • Daily Motivations podcast

    175 - Planning Prevents Progress


    The value of your plan doesn't come from it's accuracy. The value of your plan exists only in it's ability to encourage you to ACT. We learn from doing. Planning can prevent progress.
  • Daily Motivations podcast

    174 - What If?


    What if instead of seeing a choice or situation as “hard” you started calling it “helpful’? What if instead of focusing on the difficulty of a choice or situation, you decided to see it as a chance to build confidence or make progress? What if you completely reframed the idea of hard and only referred to difficulties as opportunities to grow?
  • Daily Motivations podcast

    173 - The Key To Genius


    "Most geniuses – especially those who lead others – prosper not by deconstructing intricate complexities but by exploiting unrecognized simplicities"
  • Daily Motivations podcast

    172 - Effort Matters


    "no matter what your ability is, effort is what ignites that ability and turns it into accomplishment"
  • Daily Motivations podcast

    171 - Hit Your Fears Harder


    Hit your fears harder than they hit you.
  • Daily Motivations podcast

    170 - Refuse To Create Suffering


    I have suffered enough. I have created a backlog of excuses, exceptions & justifications that confined me to a life of fear, hiding, depression and negativity. I’ve left that behind. There are no more excuses, exceptions & justifications. I refuse everything that doesn’t actively support my happiest, fullest and most joyful life.
  • Daily Motivations podcast

    169 - Make More Magic


    Focus on the magic in your life and you'll immediately find more of it!

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