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Caffeine Conversations

David Sherry

Learn how your favorite creators are building a brand and community around who they are. This podcast is hosted David Sherry, Founder of Death to Stock and Community organizer of Jacuzzi Club.

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  • Caffeine Conversations podcast

    Kari – An Interview with a Face Yoga Coach


    I've started interviewing niche coaches who are doing interesting work that are for hire. Today I interview a "Face Yoga" coach who gained popularity through TikTok. We talk about her process with clients and this emerging coaching space. You can check out her work here: and find her on Youtube/TikTok
  • Caffeine Conversations podcast

    James Rores – Learn to Feel Comfortable Selling


    In this episode, I speak with James Rores about learning Sales. James coaching teams and leaders to develop proven strategies for their sales processes, but does so with the mindset of a coach and leader rather than a huckster. I really enjoyed this conversation and if you're looking to learn more, you can find more about his company and their processes here:
  • Caffeine Conversations podcast

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  • Caffeine Conversations podcast

    Andy Didorosi – Collaborative "Email" Marketing (Basecamp)


    In this episode, I talk with Basecamp and Hey email's head of Marketing, Andy Didorosi about a whole slew of topics related to marketing in a collaborative and unique new way. We focus this conversation on their recent "Dumpster Fire" email project Find Andy on Twitter:
  • Caffeine Conversations podcast

    Will Mannon – Surfing the Internet For Education and Ideas (BASB)


    Will Mannon is the course manager for two fast-growing online, cohort-based courses, "Building a Second Brain" and "Writes of Passage". On this episode, we discuss the future of online learning, the opportunities Will see's for people diving into the creator economy, and some of Will's favorite quotes and ways of looking at the world.You can follow Will on Twitter or check out his blog here!
  • Caffeine Conversations podcast

    Mac Reddin – Community Metrics that Matter (Commsor)


    Mac Reddin is the founder of Commsor, which is a tool that puts all of your community data into one place. Mac also runs a Slack community for community leaders called Community Club. In this episode, we spoke about the rapid growth of Mac's company, how it feels when everything starts to take off, and Mac's perspective on the community metrics that matter.You can check out Mac at...
  • Caffeine Conversations podcast

    Adam Jackson – User Owned Marketplaces (Braintrust)


    Adam Jackson is the Founder of Braintrust. Braintrust is a user-owned, blockchain-based freelancer marketplace. What fascinated me about this conversation is that it sheds light on what the future could look like for user-owned networks. And, how the governance built by the Braintrust team is built that allows aligned incentives between investors, freelancers, and companies they serve. This concept is part of a larger shift to how the creator economy will function and how freelancers can create value while retaining power in the networks that they create for.You can check out Braintrust here which is in open Beta until early next year:
  • Caffeine Conversations podcast

    Maria Falbo – Big Brand Collabs While Keeping Your Soul (Copson)


    Maria Falbo is the founder of Copson London, a skate and spiritual brand that collaborates with some of the world's best brands, like Vans and New Balance. Now she's building a community around her soulful search for creative work that brings a spiritual essence to the brands that they work with. You can view some her collabs here as well as the video referenced in the podcast. can follow Maria on Instagram here:
  • Caffeine Conversations podcast

    Nick deWilde – Balancing Side Projects with Full Time Work


    Nick deWilde is a Product Marketer at Guild, a fast-growing startup that helps companies transform their workforces through education. He also publishes a newsletter called the Jungle Gym which based on insights around career growth and working smarter.  What caught my attention about Nicks' work was his posts on career journey: well as creators and communities: can also find Nick on Twitter:
  • Caffeine Conversations podcast

    Robert Fritz – The Path of Least Resistance (Author)


    Robert Frtiz is an author, composer, and filmmaker who is known for his work dissecting the creative process via his theory of "Structural Dynamics."In this episode, I speak with Robert about the creative process and his years of studying and speaking on this topic. This episode is different in that it's less about brand/creator strategy but more about the individual process for being a creator. I've loved his books, most notably "The Path of Least Resistance" which covers his expertise in depth.
  • Caffeine Conversations podcast

    Li Jin – The Software That Empowers Community Leaders (Atelier)


    Li Jin is the founder of Atelier, an early-stage firm investing in the passion economy. She also writes a newsletter about passion economy platforms and consumer startups on Substack. Prior to Atelier, Li was an investing partner at Andreessen Horowitz.In this podcast, Li joins me as a co-host to discuss a co-written blog post we wrote as an open letter for community leaders.  You can read it here:

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