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Control The Room

Douglas Ferguson

I'm Douglas Ferguson and I'm on a mission to help people everywhere have better meetings. There's clear evidence that poorly run meetings not only waste time, but they also squander a lot of money. A recent report by doodle found that $541 billion is lost globally every year on common meeting mistakes and that's just the report from the County for Direct Labor Costs. Think about the opportunity costs we are incurring from all of these ineffective meetings. How many of our projects and products are merely good when they could be great? How many of our employees are complacent when they could be jubilant? But what if we could further quantify that cost? What if we could convince leaders to actively and intentionally focus on building better meeting culture? Who's already doing that and preparing their people for the future of work? We'll tackle all of these questions and more on The Control Room Podcast. Podcast sponsored by MURAL

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