Cigars and Crypto Podcast podcast

Cigars and Crypto Podcast


Each week we explore new projects in the cryptocurrency space. We invite newcomers to crypto to join us. We are the perfect mix of everything great. High quality, premium cigars and cryptocurrency news and content. Welcome to Cigars and Crypto!

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  • Cigars and Crypto Podcast podcast

    Episode 177 - Damion Lupo


    Damion Lupo Serial Entrepreneur First business at 11 selling Nintendo games Started 50 companies The importance of having purpose How he lost 25 million dollar loss and made it all back Self-awareness and taking ownership of failures is how you recover from losses His First experience with crypto at a coffee shop in Prague. Reinvented Life - Book Financial Underdogs Podcast Special Shoutout to Buckminster Fuller Twitter: @damionlupo
  • Cigars and Crypto Podcast podcast

    Episode 176 - Ray Prodanoff


    I had an excellent discussion with this brother of the leaf.  Ray is truly an interesting and humble dude.  I really think you'll enjoy this episode.  We discussed how he got into cigar smoking, why he can't say he has a favorite cigar, the importance of environment to the smoking experience, unique pairings, and his work setting up cigar events in Europe and abroad.  Make sure you follow him on social media @rayprodanoff
  • Cigars and Crypto Podcast podcast

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  • Cigars and Crypto Podcast podcast

    Episode 175 - Luke Powell of the Decred Project


    Had a great discussion with Luke about how he got into crypto, what drew him to Decred, and how it's different from Bitcoin.  Find and follow him on Twitter at 
  • Cigars and Crypto Podcast podcast

    Episode 174 - Gia of @charmcitycigars


    Cigar smoker for 8 years |  2018 - Founded Charm City Cigars |  Her belief that cigar smokers need products that are built just for us. She knew there had to be a way to take better care of our skin and get rid of the smokey cigar smell as well |  What really excites her about tobacco and cigars. |  Family background in tobacco farming. |  Her constant curiosity motivates her to learn everyday and build a unique brand. Make sure you visit her online at or on IG/Twitter at @charmcitycigars
  • Cigars and Crypto Podcast podcast

    Episode 172 - NotAWiz4rd of the @noircoin Team


    My monthly discussion with the NoirCoin team
  • Cigars and Crypto Podcast podcast

    Episode 173 - Hannah Rosenberg


    I had an amazing lesson and discussion Hannah Rosenberg of Velis Commerce on the Lightning Network.  In this episode we discussed: Studied Econ at UIC Chicago - Monetary Theory |  2011 got into the space after listening to a podcast |  Pitfalls and dangers of the crypto journey |  All roads lead to ₿TC |  A very high-level overview of the Lightning network |  It’s a 2nd layer solution that doesn’t rely on publishing every transaction to the base-layer network (Local Knowledge) |  All lightning nodes need to be connected to a Bitcoin node. (Full or pruned) |  Ease of use of the BTCPayserver |  Phoenix and Moon as easy to use phone wallets |  Detailed discussion on Liquidity and its use on the Lightning network |  The future of Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, and blockchain tech.  Follow her on Twitter at @hmichellerose or visit her online at
  • Cigars and Crypto Podcast podcast

    Episode 171 - NotAWiz4rd of the Noircoin team


    In Episode 171 we discussed: Upgrading the privacy protocol - Will they implement ZKSnarks or Lalantis security protocol. The importance of privacy in the crypto space. They are now preparing for the swap - but are considering implementing this without the privacy protocol first. How will exchanges deal with the new coin; will they drag their feet? How exchanges are greedy AF and kill small projects with exchange fees. Pro’s and Con’s of decentralized exchanges. @noircoin
  • Cigars and Crypto Podcast podcast

    Episode 170 - Link Green the Khemist


    Fintech expert 2014 Owner - Planet Krypton Educator Wanted to fill a gap for those who need an intro to crypto Pre-recorded courses 1 on 1 coaching @linkgreen_thekhemist
  • Cigars and Crypto Podcast podcast

    Episode 169 - Meka Couch of @dapp_ar


    Worked in infrastructure; unified communications. Decided to start a business and the pandemic hit. So she and her team decided it was time to start investing and trading in crypto. They are working to solve the problem of different types of sensors and the inability to work with them all Working on a framework for using Augmented Reality to interact with iOT devices and store that data on distributed ledgers. You’ll be able to launch a response from the AR interface to work remotely. They’ve finished the 1.0 version of the project and they are pushing forward to V2. The project will be blockchain agnostic; you can use this framework on any blockchain that the user chooses. Functions as an interoperable layer 2 solution. They are currently seeking more developers to build on top of it. They are also considering launching a token to reward developers for building on top of the application. Website: Project Twitter @dapp_ar LinkedIn: Wolfberry LLC
  • Cigars and Crypto Podcast podcast

    Episode 168 - Flo, lead developer for the Noir Coin team


    This was my monthly chat with the members of the Noir Coin team.  This month I had an opportunity to speak with Flo, the lead dev.  We discussed their progress on the chain swap and future development that the team has in store.  I love this project and encourage you to listen and learn.

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