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In Your Ear Shakespeare

The show dedicated to revealing the plays of William Shakespeare as tasty entertainment for today’s hungry audience. Be you actor or observer, this show offers a fresh look at some very old goods.

217 Episódios

  • Chop Bard podcast

    217 The Fruits of Rashness


    Richard III – Act II Scene 1  The ailing King Edward tries to make peace among the peers before his time is done. Richard shows up to help.
  • Chop Bard podcast

    216 Into the Malmsey Butt


    Richard III – Act I Scene 4  The Duke of Clarence recounts his dream, then receives a couple of unexpected visitors.
  • Chop Bard podcast

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  • Chop Bard podcast

    215 Live Long and Suffer


    Richard III – Act I Scene 3 Richard takes advantage of the family crisis to stir up animosity, and uses the past to slander the present.
  • Chop Bard podcast

    214 Gentle Lady Anne


    Richard III – Act I Scene 2  Heaven and hell collide when Richard encounters the Lady Anne as she escorts the corpse of her father-in-law, King Henry VI. 
  • Chop Bard podcast

    213 Richard’s Discontent


    Richard III – Act I Scene 1 Richard, having no place in a peaceful world, reveals his deadly intentions.
  • Chop Bard podcast

    212 Son of York


    Richard III – Introduction In preparation for Richard III we talk about resources, quartos, the folio, history, recap what has come before, and begin to peer into the darkness that is Richard, Duke of Gloucester.
  • Chop Bard podcast

    211 Born With Teeth


    Henry VI part 3 – Act V Scene 5, 6, 7  King Edward gets to work securing his reign. But restoring the peace means dealing with Margaret, the prince, and Henry VI. Richard takes matters into his own hands. 
  • Chop Bard podcast

    210 Die We Must


    Henry VI part 3 – Act V Scene 1, 2, 3, 4 As the final battles play out, an end comes early for one of the mightiest, and not even a passionate speech from Margaret can save the day.
  • Chop Bard podcast

    209 Two Kings One Throne


    Henry VI part 3 – Act IV Scene 5, 6  7, 8 Kings rescued, friends gathered, a glimmer of hope for the future, and the scent of battle wafting on the air.
  • Chop Bard podcast

    208 Warwick’s Revenge


    Henry VI part 3 – Act IV Scene 1, 2, 3, 4 The crown is once again put in jeopardy, as King Edward refuses to see the error of his actions, and favors his new wife’s family over his own brothers.

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