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    568 - Root Cause (10/18/21)


    We send off Colin Powell with a somber remembrance of the man’s career as a Soldier and Statesman. Then we cover cops making weepy videos about quitting due to mandates, touch on strikes, the supply chain and “treats”, and look at the CIA getting all their foreign assets killed. Finally, a much requested reading from the Book of Rod.
  • Chapo Trap House podcast

    Bonus: Teamsters Deliver The Goods 2


    Amber welcomes back Rhode Island teamster Matt Maini for some union talk. They discuss union internal politics, rank and file leadership, the value of strikes, and organizing Amazon. Check out the TDU GoFundMe here:
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  • Chapo Trap House podcast

    567 Teaser - Deadliest Warrior: SpecOps vs. Ninja


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  • Chapo Trap House podcast

    566 - Dopeness Report (10/12/21)


    Join our NFT community for Christmas Cheer 🎄🚀!! A market for true xmas kings 🤴 and queens 👸. Boost this to 15k and hear the #CarolGang sing!! Send $10,000 to and become a 🎅 warrior!
  • Chapo Trap House podcast

    564 - On Sinema, At The Sinema feat. Kristinn Hrafnsson (10/4/21)


    Movies are Back! And we start with a brief discussion of Venom 2: Return of Goop. Then, Felix is joined by WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson to discuss a new report from Yahoo News that details the CIA’s plots to kidnap or kill Julian Assange while he was sheltered in London’s Ecuadorian embassy. They discuss the obsession with revenge on Assange and WikiLeaks under Mike Pompeo, the possibility of real justice for Assange, and some slivers of hope in the future of the WikiLeaks project. Then, to finish up the ep, we have a reading series from Maureen Dowd’s latest column on that kooky, adorkable senator who seems to love everyone’s hate, Kyrsten Sinema.
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    UNLOCKED: 549 - Naval Chapo Investigative Service (8/12/21)


    We liked this one from last month a lot, so we're unlocking it today. Subscribe today for access to all premium episodes! We do a deep dive into the history, culture, purpose, and various crimes of the Navy SEALs.
  • Chapo Trap House podcast

    BONUS: Steven Donziger to be Sentenced


    Attorney Steven Donziger faces sentencing for his criminal contempt charge. Will and Steven discuss updates on his case, the UN’s ruling his house arrest violates international law, and what can be done to support him. Information on Steven’s case and ways to support collected at Rally before Steven’s sentencing at 500 Pearl st. at 8:30 a.m. Oct. 1. More info here: Call in to his sentencing, Oct. 1, 10:00 a.m. ET U.S.: (877) 266-8189 International: (409) 207-6980 More info here:
  • Chapo Trap House podcast

    562 - Goodbye Horses (9/28/21)


    We’re back to a normal-style ep after a week of interviews. We’re taking a look at the fast-tracked aid package to intelligence agents suffering unreality issues, the Biden administration addressing just the optics at the border, and AOC addressing just the optics of the Iron Dome bill. Finally, we having a reading series that functions as a bit of a coda to Will and Matt’s visit to Ozy Fest way back in 2018. One last time, go subscribe to And go grab some of Simon Roy’s great posters over at More merch coming soon!
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    561 Teaser - Blago Hates Liars


    Felix talks to former governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich. Subscribe today for access to all premium episodes!
  • Chapo Trap House podcast

    Bonus: Interview with India Walton, Candidate for Mayor of Buffalo


    Will talks to India Walton, the socialist candidate who won the Democratic primary for Mayor of Buffalo in June. They discuss the ongoing opposition to her campaign from the establishment incumbent she defeated in the primary and his corporate allies, how she plans to make Buffalo work for the city’s tenants and renters, and how she will address policing issues as the mayor of a large American city. If you’d like to learn more about India’s campaign or donate, go to:

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