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'Common European Identity: Myth, Reality or Aspiration?': Cambridge European Society

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The Cambridge University European Society, participating once again in the Festival of Ideas, hosted a talk on 25 October 2014 entitled 'Common European Identity: Myth, Reality or Aspiration?'. This talk welcomed academics with anthropological, historical, legal and political science backgrounds and several students' personal experiences, and included a discussion open to all. Guest Speakers: - Professor Cathie Carmichael (History, University of East Anglia), - Professor Dora Kostakopoulou (Law, University of Manchester), - Dr John Robb (Archaeology, University of Cambridge), - Dr Uta Staiger (History, UCL), - Dr Fiorella Dell’Olio (moderator, POLIS, University of Cambridge). Guest Students: - Davide Martino (History, St. John's College), - Matteo Mirolo (HSPS - Human, Social, and Political Science, Fitzwilliam College), - Damiano Sogaro (Law, Fitzwilliam College), - Estelle Wolfers (Law, King's College). Please find information on this event here: - - - For more information on the Cambridge University European Society, see their Facebook page at

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