Bside podcasts DJ's showcase and speak a little about their favourite tracks from the B-side of their records. We endeavour to broadcast the best of the B-side: a bi-weekly invitation into the impressive record collections of some of our favourite selectors. An exploration into the the back-catalogues, the deepest depths, the darkest crevices of their collections. Returning with the spoils of this venture: their most cherished records and hidden gems, from the go-to club weapons to the rarely heard home-listening records, and everything in between. Music is for sharing. 'By the early sixties, the song on the A-side was the 'hit' song that the record company wanted radio stations to play. The B-side would contain less radio friendly and less popular tracks. In our eyes the B-side is a true reflection of the producers taste in music, there is more personality on that side of the record'.

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