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It's Giving Glossy: Why K18’s Transformative, 4-Minute Hair Mask is *Actually* Legit with Co-Founders Britta Cox & Suveen Sahib

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It’s what Kim Kardashian has been using to keep her bleach blonde mane smooth and shiny, so what makes the K18 hair mask so #DamnGood? Co-founders and husband-and-wife duo Suveen Sahib and Britta Cox are here to reveal the secrets behind the TikTok-approved K18 hair mask that’s like “silk-in-a-bottle.”  


In today’s episode we find out:


  • What K18 is, how it works and why the technology is like “Retinol for your hair.”
  • What makes K18 different from other bond builders like Olaplex
  • How to work K18 into your haircare routine, including for curly hair types
  • Why some users may not be getting all of the benefits of K18 (hint - it could be your shampoo!)
  • How the quick-drying, anti-breakage Aquis hair towel is linked to the science behind K18
  • What the founders have up their sleeve next

*Exciting news - we’re doing a giveaway of K18. Follow us on TikTok an Instagram where we will reveal more details soon! 


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