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The 3rd Birthday & Music Jam (ft. RH Crew)

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Stubbs, Rob, Aish, Shem, Ban, Azile, Chris & Mikhailov hang out with RocketMan & the RH Crew to celebrate our 3rd Birthday and catch up about all the latest shenanigans in the Handheld scene!



Odin 2 News

Retroid 2S is shipping! (For Realsies)

What is with these deals on Temu!?

The Nuggie Stand

RH Website?

New RH Website! (Finally)

GOTX Randomizer!

RH Jam 3 announcement!

The Giveaway!

K/D/A Rocketman Edition!

What handheld are you picking up most?

It Crashed!!! (RGB10 Max 3 Pro)

Powkiddy X18S V3

Goodnight (ASMR)

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RH Music Jam 3

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