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📣RP2S Q+A, Gnomes Galore, and Our First Consoles (ft. Retroid Chris)

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👉Stubbs, @retrotechdad, Zu, Aish, Chris Covers from Retroid, and @JoeysRetroHandhelds share the latest RP2S news, answer audience questions, and dive deep into how they manage & organize their handheld collection (along with other shenanigans!).

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Starting at $99, a high-end version at $119, and a metal version for $149, the @retroidpocket3773  2S is a return to the 4:3 form for Retroid. The SOC is the Unisoc T610, the 3.5" IPS screen has been improved with a nicer panel and touchscreen no longer has deadzones. The joysticks are hall sticks, with analog triggers. While the new 610 SOC is slightly less performant than the T618, it's nearly the same in real world performance, and runs cooler (yes, we have a handheld that can play some PS2 and Gamecube under $100. What a time to be alive!)


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