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RG Nano • Tetris McNugget • Yuzu on Android (ft. @RetroGameCorps)

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Join Stubbs, Rob (The Retro Tech Dad), Aish Rios, and Russ from Retro Game Corps for a wild ride through handheld news & shenanigans!



-SZDiiER D-007 is shipping

-McDonalds Tetris McNugget (The McNuggie Beard Challenge)

-Anbernic RG Nano promo video

-AYN Loki Reviews Soon?

-Retro Pixel Pocket QC Issues?

-PowKiddy RGB10 Max 3 / Pro (What's inside?)

-Yuzu for Android is here

-RetroArch hacked

-Dolphin Steam take down / Can Nintendo kill emulation?

-New 35XX CFW - Koriki


Freeform Topics

-Does Russ have the REAL red PowKiddy V90?

-Games we've been attempting to play lately, Tears of the Kingdom & awful Mega Man box art


Next guest: TechSummit 6/15

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