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GameForce Ace & Indie, Pocket Air S & Nintendo Direct (ft. GameTechTalk)

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Join Stubbs, Rob, Aish, and Aquaklef of GameTechTalk for a wild ride of news and views! Can you believe we're getting Hall Sticks in a sub $100 device!? GameForce is bringing that Chi energy to their latest offerings, including an RK3566 AND 3588S variant! Tune in to hear our thoughts on this and these other fun topics:

-GameForce ACE & Indie

-AYANEO Pocket Air Performance Fix

-AYANEO Slide IGG Launch

-AYA Pocket S Dpad fixed


-Nintendo Direct & Sony State of Play September

-Get to know Aquaklef / GameTechTalk!

-Adore Keep Delete

-The most DISSAPOINTING handheld of the year?

-The most HOPEFUL device on the horizon

-What handhelds do we actually keep long term?

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Please watch Russ's Pocket Air follow-up video for more information on the performance fix:


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