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Richard Newman

Discover how to perform at your best at important events and gain the respect and results you deserve through communicating with confidence. Join Richard Newman as he interviews communication experts from around the world. Richard is an award-winning writer and Founder of Body Talk. His team coaches clients all around the world how to succeed in business meetings, pitches, presentations and speeches. Richard's book, 'You Were Born To Speak' is available on Amazon, in hardback, audiobook and Kindle.

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  • Body Talk podcast

    Body Talk Podcast - Episode 22


    Richard Newman is the CEO of Body Talk and is an award-winning expert in Leadership Communication and Storytelling. He's taught body language techniques and communication skills for over 21 years, helping over 100,000 people worldwide improve their personal impact. He began his research and teaching in 1995 by living in a Tibetan monastery in India, teaching English. He then studied professional acting in London for three years. In this episode of the podcast, he explains why his early struggles with confidence inspired him to start the company and how anyone can improve their impact in business or their personal life by making simple changes to their body language.
  • Body Talk podcast

    Body Talk Podcast - Episode 21


    Conflict resolution and the art of negotiation - situations which many of us avoid or even fear! Yet conflict is a healthy part of communication, especially in business. It shows your staff and colleagues you care about their needs. The ability to negotiate and resolve conflict can bring many positive changes, from stronger leadership and better decision making to building rapport and having more meaningful conversations. So, what is conflict resolution, and what are some of the strategies we can adopt to be more effective at it? Chris White and Martin Richards have spent most of their careers as hostage and crisis negotiators. Their work has taken them worldwide, where they have seen first-hand the best and worst of human behaviour.  Resolving these difficult and often dangerous situations takes a certain skill set, which we can also apply to conflict in business.  In this episode of the Body Talk Podcast, Chris and Martin share some of their techniques for dealing with difficult conversations, hostile staff, and crises situations.
  • Body Talk podcast

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  • Body Talk podcast

    Body Talk Podcast - Episode 20


    In this episode, Alina Jenkins talks to psychologist Dr Peter Hughes. Peter is the co-founder of leading digital marketing agency Cognition, and he’s appeared on TV many times, including Addicted to Pleasure with Brian Cox, the Secrets of Superbrands and the BBC’s One Show. He’s also an author and has recently been shortlisted for the 2021 business book awards for 65 Roses and a Trunki, Defying the Odds in Life and Business. He explains why it's so important to use storytelling in business and how it can help build better relationships with your clients.
  • Body Talk podcast

    Body Talk Podcast - Episode 19


    Robert McKee is the master of storytelling, he’s been lecturing and teaching it for over three decades. His former students include 63 Academy Award winners and 164 Emmy winners, and he is the author of what is now considered the screenwriters bible, Story. This was followed by Dialogue and his long awaited third volume in the trilogy, ‘Character’ has just been released. In this latest podcast with Alina Jenkins he explains how companies can harness the power of top screenwriters to create a compelling business narrative.
  • Body Talk podcast

    Body Talk Podcast - Episode 18


    How do you get your team in the best shape possible so you can deliver a great bid or business pitch with confidence and impact? Andy Williams and Katy Lewis are experts in helping teams prepare for critical pitches and in this podcast they discuss effective collaboration, the importance of being authentic and other top tips to make your presentation stand out!
  • Body Talk podcast

    Body Talk Podcast - Episode 17


    Did you know it’s estimated around 1 in 7 people experience mental health problems in the workplace? Also, the Office of National Statistics suggests mental health problems have worsened across all age groups in the last year as Coronavirus has fuelled feelings of loneliness, anxiety and fears for the future. The 10th of May sees the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, and in this episode of our podcast Alina Jenkins is speaking with Simon Nichols from Thrive Mental Health and Wellbeing. We discuss simple ways to improve your mental health and build mental strength, so instead of just surviving you can begin to thrive.
  • Body Talk podcast

    Body Talk Podcast - Episode 16


    What’s your business story? Is it grabbing the attention of prospective clients? For some businesses the art of storytelling is a struggle. How do you take something which might be dry, complicated, or even dull and turn it into something which engages an audience and brings customers to your door? For many years, Darren Slade has been creating stories which get noticed. He’s a top business journalist and is currently Group Business Editor for the Daily Echo in Hampshire and Dorset. In our latest podcast hosted by Alina Jenkins, he shares some of the industry secrets to help you tell your business story in a way which can captivate, persuade, or even inspire your audience.
  • Body Talk podcast

    Body Talk Podcast - Episode 15


    The charity 'Mind' says we are currently living through a mental health emergency and according to the ONS, 57% of us have said our wellbeing has been affected by the COVID pandemic. In these stressful and uncertain times how can we keep our mental health in the best shape possible? In our latest podcast, Alina Jenkins talks to author and coach Terry Sidhu about meditation and how it can help you find peace, confidence and clarity in your life.
  • Body Talk podcast

    Body Talk Podcast - Episode 14


    With a rise in virtual communication during the last year it's become so easy to connect with clients and colleagues wherever they are in world. But can we be sure our conversations and messages are always being understood and translated in the right way? In our latest podcast, Alina Jenkins speaks to intercultural communications specialist Desta Hailé about the importance of intercultural communication in business and what steps we can take to make sure all of our interactions are positive and engaging.
  • Body Talk podcast

    Body Talk Podcast - Episode 13


    Have you ever felt you don’t have the right skills to be in the job you are? Or you feel inadequate compared to those around you? If so, it could be imposter syndrome at work.   So, how do you deal with that little voice inside your head and what can you do to remove self-doubt and become more capable, confident and visible? In our latest podcast we talk to business psychologist, Fiona Kearns, about your inner critic and what steps you can take to have confidence in your ability and advance without limits.  

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