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teachable tuesday // Rebuilding the Ruins

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He will restore you, friend.

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  • Blessed is She podcast

    Whose voice is that? // spiritual direction with Father John Parks TGP Episode 135


    Jenna went into labor on the day we were supposed to finish recording season 9 of the podcast, so Fr. John Parks came to the rescue! Our incredible spiritual advisor sat down for a chat about all things spiritual direction which of course means we ended up talking all about prayer (the best). If you've ever wondered about spiritual direction, been on the hunt for an ace spiritual director, or tried to start (or restart) a prayer routine, this episode is for you. Watch over on Youtube or find us anywhere you listen to podcasts. And stay tuned next week for the last episode of this season of the Gathering Place with FP. Any guesses what S word we'll be talking about??
  • Blessed is She podcast
  • Blessed is She podcast

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  • Blessed is She podcast

    Right Ordered Love // TGP Episode 134


    This one is close to the heart for us. Jenna and I both suffered so much and so long with sexual sin and we want you to know that if you have too, you're not alone. That if you are struggling now, you are not alone. Whether it's in your past or in this moment, Jesus wants you to know that He is a Savior, Healer, and Deliverer. He came to save you. He wants to heal you. He will deliver you. We'd love to share our stories and pray that the grace of God washes over you on this week's episode of the Gathering Place. Watch over on Youtube or listen on your podcast app. Then share it with a friend? We can't wait for you both to come out of the darkness and step into His light right alongside us.Here's to healing and wholeness in Jesus' name, ❤️BD
  • Blessed is She podcast
  • Blessed is She podcast

    The Eucharist is Real // TGP Episode 133


    All the love you're looking for can be found in that little white Host. Just in case you've never heard this, Jesus Himself is alive and present in the Most Holy Eucharist. Every Mass, He makes Himself truly present - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity - to you, for you.He remains in the tabernacle after every Mass to be visited and consoled, to love and heal you. Go to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. He is waiting to receive you there.
  • Blessed is She podcast

    teachable tuesday // What's God Saying in 2022?


    Share your word, saint or verse of the year with us 💕
  • Blessed is She podcast

    You Need Rest // TGP Episode 132


    Feeling burnt out from all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? Or maybe you're feeling spent from a long year lived at a fast pace. If you're hoping for a change with the flipping of the calendar page, we're got good news for you: you can live differently in 2022. You can enjoy your life, love your people, pray with more affection and devotion, and walk in peace and purpose. How? Let us introduce you to Sabbath rest. This week on the Gathering Place podcast, Jenna and Beth talk about learning how to rest well and how setting apart the Sabbath brings freedom. Join in the convo on youtube or listen on your favorite podcast app. What brings you true, deep soul rest, friends? Let us know in the comments and then make a plan to rest well this coming Sunday. You won't regret giving God (and yourself) this sacred time.
  • Blessed is She podcast

    Pay Attention to Your Life // TGP Episode 131


    Permission to slow down granted. Have you been feeling the pressure to get it all done, figure it all out, do it all perfectly - even in prayer? You weren't made for stress and overly committed schedules, you were made for rest. And if you've been feeling exhausted, discouraged, or frazzled, consider this your sign to scale back all of the doing and learn to just be.
  • Blessed is She podcast

    From Bitter to Sweet


    The Crib + the Cross change everything.
  • Blessed is She podcast

    On Being Slowed and Silenced // TGP Episode 130


    Everyone suffers. Maybe you're hurting right now, maybe you've just come through a really tough time, or perhaps you want to support someone who's struggling. No matter your experience of suffering, there is hope and healing available right here, right now.  Join us for an honest and vulnerable conversation about suffering as Jenna + Beth share how they're learning to trust God and receive His mysterious, amazing love right in the middle of it.

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