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This podcast is a warm embrace, soothing realness, and conscious girl talk. Black Girl In Om exists to hold and heal black women and women of color around the world on their unique wellness journeys, mending us from the inside out. Come into conversation with our founder, Lauren Ash and wellness and Spirit-centered guests across various industries to talk all things self-care and self-love, spiritual awakening, intergenerational healing, and more.

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    Black Women Are Worthy with Deun Ivory


    Deun Ivory is back! In this mini-episode of the Black Girl In Om Podcast, Deun Ivory (she/her) joins Lauren Ash (she/they) in conversation around creative wellness and the Black Women Are Worthy movement. For those who are new to the show, Deun is the founder and creative director of The Body: A Home For Love, a 501C3 nonprofit and wellness membership space that shifts culture around how Black women heal from sexual trauma. They provide trauma-informed care, community, and creative wellness to black women seeking a safe space to heal and journey towards self-love. Deun is also the former art director for BGIO, so you’re sure to have interacted with her intentionally gorgeous work. In the episode, she affirms the power of channeling our creative energy toward healing our inner child and loving on ourselves. Deun and her team recently launched the Black Women Are Worthy movement with the intention of providing resources and care to Black Women survivors of sexual abuse. Their goal is to raise 2 million dollars to serve and grow a community of over 10,000 black women and to become the standard for trauma-informed care and creative wellness. The short film that catalyzed the movement is a stunning love letter to our undeniable worthiness as Black Women. It’s a must-watch experience filled with loving intention! Press Play to listen in on a joyful conversation between friends about creativity, healing, and sustainable joy. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL FIND OUT MORE ABOUT creative wellness and how art can be restorative and therapeuticknowing ourselves intuitivelythe Black Women Are Worthy movement (donate here)the body: a home for loveConnect with The Body: A Home For Love on their website thebodyahomeforlove.orgAnd find them on Instagram @thebodyahomeforloveWatch the powerful short film and donate to the Black Women Are Worthy movement here: 
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    #74 Divine Partnership and Conscious Hustling with Tiffany Hardin


    Award winning executive marketer, talent manager, and founder of boutique consultancy, Gild Creative Group, Tiffany Hardin (she/her) joins Lauren Ash (she/they) in conversation around conscious hustling and intentional partnerships. Tiffany is one of the phenomenal women co-creating the presence and impact of Black Girl In Om in the world. With great thanks to her wealth of knowledge, BGIO’s central intention of helping to facilitate intergenerational healing for Black women across the Diaspora begins with how we operate behind the scenes and ripples outward. She’s committed to supporting divine partnerships rooted in equality and equity that move our culture forward. In this episode of the Black Girl In Om Podcast. Lauren and Tiffany talk about creating pathways to success that are aligned with our purpose and that do not rely on proximity to whiteness or patriarchy. They get into the paradigm setting choices that go into building and sustaining a platform like BGIO, and offer insight into how to maintain business partnerships that are nourishing rather than draining. Tiffany shares her fulfilling journey of moving from unconscious to conscious hustling, and the decisions she’s made to get there. While white supremacist ideas of success surround us in the world and can tempt us to prioritize winning over integrity or community, we need not compromise our beliefs to get ahead. Press Play to listen in on a gem-filled conversation between friends and partners who are making big ideas into realities.THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL FIND OUT MORE ABOUTHow Tiffany and Lauren met and began their partnershipThe foundations of healthy relationships between talent and managersConsciously equal and equitable partnerships How internalized white supremacy and patriarchy can show up in Black workplaces Decolonizing relationshipsMoving beyond overwhelm to a sense of control How to effectively be of service as a leader Holding space, for ourselves first, and then for othersCreating frameworks for success outside of white supremacist standards of achievementIf you’re curious to turn your big idea into a reality, head over to to learn more and get the ball rolling Find her on Instagram @Tiffany_HardinCheck out BGIO’s Sleep EP mentioned in the episode here:
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    #73 Diving Deeper Into Our Ancestral Lineages and Practices with PariseNichelle


    PariseNichelle (she/her) or Iya Shango Didi as she is also lovingly called, joins BGIO founder Lauren Ash (she/they) in conversation around connecting with our highest selves by diving deeper into our ancestral lineages and practices. Parise is an initiated priestess, medium, diviner, and healer. For over 15 years, she has used her gifts to help women of color heal trauma and align to their highest selves. As the founder of Do The Healing Work, she offers services designed to tap into all aspects of life. She combines western therapy practices with Traditional West African spiritual practices to heal generational traumas and aid in self healing and mastery. Utilizing her gift of clairaudience, Iya delivers guidance straight from the wisdom of the ancestors.  In this episode of the Black Girl In Om Podcast, Lauren and PariseNichelle get into how sometimes we can feel a profound understanding within ourselves before we have the language or community around us to affirm that inner knowing. They encourage us to move beyond obligation and fear in our spiritual practice by giving ourselves permission to go internal and explore what’s most resonant for us. Parise affirms that our highest self is always communicating with us, and that it’s on us to hear and follow their call. Press play to dive deep. Ashe!  IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL FIND OUT MORE ABOUTThe Yoruba concept of IponriHow PariseNichelle describes her highest selfCommunicating with our highest selvesHow Lauren is learning to be their own reflectionTraditions from across the Diaspora that are a part of our cultural birthright as Black women and as Black peopleHow our sensitivity and stillness connect us to the divineUnlearning limiting beliefs around spirituality and lifestyleIyami Aje or ancient mother energyStick around after the conversation with Parise to hear a special Q&A with Cree Myles (she/her) from Penguin Random House all about the magic of reading and amplifying books written by Black authors. For recommendations of books that honor the rich breadth of Black experiences, head over to and follow Penguin Random House’s All Ways Black page on Instagram @allwaysblackIf you’re interested in connecting with your ancestors and stepping into further alignment with your highest self, you can schedule an ancestral reading or a spiritual DNA reading with PariseNichelle and sign up for her Power Tools Course mentioned in the episode at  Keep up with Parise on Instagram @dothehealingworkand on Facebook @dothehealingworkIf you’re interested in offering support to BGIO’s first physical space, home, or want to find out more, head over to
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    A Jubilant Juneteenth Cocoon of Inspiration with Lyvonne "Pastor Bae" Briggs


    Pastor Bae is back, y’all! Body and sex-positive preacher, writer, and transformational speaker Lyvonne Briggs  aka “Pastor Bae” (she/her) joins Lauren Ash (she/they) for this special minisode all about the Queen Solomon Goddess Rising Summit coming up this Juneteenth. Lyvonne has curated this sacred space for those who are ready to embrace the power of the Divine Feminine. Four expert master teachers will come together to create a cocoon of safety and inclusion for inspiration and healing. Inside the cocoon, all of a caterpillar’s life force energy is channeled toward transformation. On the other side of that focused growth is an earned confidence in blossoming. Flying comes naturally once we’ve put in the work of nurturing our transformation. The Queen Solomon Goddess Rising Summit will offer a jubilant and nourishing space to evolve in the company of sacred community. At the Summit, Lauren will guide an energy healing meditation and will talk about aligning and harmonizing Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy. Lyvonne will share about her gift of alchemy and offer insights into how to take energy that was meant for our harm and make it our medicine. Juju Bae, Hoodoo practitioner, Orisha devotee, and all around “bad bitch witch” will talk about ancient spiritual practices and how we can liberate our understanding of ancestral and indigenous wisdom. Hip-Hop Womanist scholar and manifestation maestro EbonyJanice Moore will share major keys to manifesting. Diviner and Spiritist Tatianna Tarot will lead a collective reading, so bring your questions and intentions! If you’re curious to decolonize and liberate your spirituality, amplify your authentic voice, and tap into Divine Feminine energy, head over to to get your ticket to the Queen Solomon Goddess Rising Summit! Use code Lauren16 for 16% off your purchase. 11% of all proceeds will be donated to Art and Abolition, an organization that exists to heal, empower, and protect young girls in Kenya who have survived violence as a result of poverty. You can donate directly to Art and Abolition at artandabolition.orgLyvonne’s intention is for the Queen Solomon Goddess Rising Summit to be 100% doable for folks. If resources are tight but you’re still feeling that nudge and excitement to be at the Summit, you can DM Lyvonne on Instagram @LyvonneBriggs about how to make it happen. Keep up with Pastor Bae on Instagram and Twitter @LyvonneBriggsIf you haven’t heard the last full episode of the Black Girl In Om Podcast where Pastor Bae blessed us with her presence, you can listen here
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    The Process: Unconditional Love begins tomorrow, June 10!


    Hi community! BGIO founder Lauren Ash (she/they) is popping in with this special episode to announce that The Process: Unconditional Love begins tomorrow June 10th. This 28-day journey, exclusive for an intimate collective of members, will deepen into unconditional love and support with weekly group coaching with Lauren, a heart-chakra focused experience with special guest teacher Millana Snow (she/her) (Wellness Official Co.) and weekly community support. Rooted in the power of intention, spiritual rituals including meditation, Kundalini, and movement, storytelling, and journaling, those who fully commit to The Process will experience transformation. The Process: Unconditional Love is most rooted in an exploration of the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakra.The journey kicks off on the New Moon in Gemini on Thursday, June 10th with our first group coaching call, and continues with 90 minute group coaching calls starting at 5:00 p.m. CST / 6:00 p.m. EST Thursday, June 17th, Thursday, June 24th, Thursday, July 1st. All calls will be live and recorded so that members unable to attend the call will be able to access the replays.All those who enroll will receive:All questions answered during The Process group coaching sessions or during 1:1 sessionsGroup meditation and energy healing during weekly coaching callsResource list for unconditional love and supportAccess to all content, including replays of weekly group coaching sessions, for the duration of their membership in The CircleSpecial guests, exclusive meditation and yoga playlists, and more!An invitation to The Process of Summer/Fall 2021 first (theme to be announced). It is required that you are a member of The Circle to access this.An invitation to The Process: Unconditional Love 30-day check-in. It is required that you are a member of The Circle to access this.If you’re interested in claiming unconditional love as your center, we invite you to join us for this 28-day journey. Head over to to claim your spot in the program. You can also find The Process: Unconditional Love by going to and clicking on Offerings. Sign up soon before enrollment closes on June 17If you’re curious to become a certified yoga teacher, or simply want to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle, you can sign up for Koya Webb’s Get Loved Up month-long yoga teacher training here: life-changing book that Lauren mentions in the episode is called The Five Levels Of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz. You can order it online here from a local bookstore: 
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    #72 Creating Spaces For Ourselves Outside The White Gaze with Makkah Ali


    Makkah Ali (she/her), Chicago-based podcaster, facilitator, and public speaker, joins BGIO founder Lauren Ash (she/they) in conversation around spiritual seeking and creating spaces for ourselves outside of the white gaze. Makkah is a multidimensional being who makes space for others to find peace and beauty in the many identities they claim. She executive produces and co-hosts the Identity Politics Podcast, which centers the voices of Black Muslim women and features new stories and perspectives about race, gender, and Muslim life in America. In this episode of the Black Girl In Om Podcast, Lauren and Makkah talk about their individual journeys of defining their relationships with God for themselves outside of anyone else’s expectations. Makkah shares about the many ways that wellness and Islamic faith seamlessly overlap in her life. Lauren and Makkah also discuss the power of intentional connection in a white supremacist world that banks on us feeling and being isolated from one another. Makkah encourages us to create spaces for ourselves outside of the white gaze so that we can self actualize and define our values for ourselves. Press play to get inspired! IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’ll LEARN MORE ABOUTLauren’s first yoga class ever that Makkah attended in ChicagoThe Smithsonian National Museum Of African American History and Culture’s traveling series, GOD-TALK, where both Makkah and Lauren spokeMakkah’s answer to the question, “what is God?”Makkah’s journey of creating a space outside of the white gaze through the podcast she executive produces and co-hosts, The Identity Politics PodcastWhat it means to flatten yourself, and how to resist pressures to do so.Lauren and Makkah’s journeys of exploring their multiple identities and creating space for all of who they are.What it looks like to define your relationship with God for yourselfFinding a community where you feel safe to ask questionsThe ways that wellness and Islam seamlessly overlap in Makkah’s lifeNote: This conversation was recorded in September 2019 while Makkah was the president of the Board of Directors of the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative. She now serves as a Director on the Managed Organizations Team at Arabella Advisors, where she works with philanthropic partners to develop, structure and maximize the impact of social sector projects. Makkah is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Crossroads Fund which supports community organizations working on issues of racial, social and economic justice in the Chicago area.Follow Makkah on Instagram and Twitter @MsMakkahListen to the Identity Politics Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, and find out more about the show at www.identitypoliticspod.comFor 20% off of Organifi’s delicious completely plant-based and non-GMO organic superfood blends, head over to and use code blackgirlinom
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    #71 Doing Everything With Love with Caprice Dominique


    Natural hair care stylist Caprice Dominique (she/her/they)joins BGIO founder Lauren Ash (she/her) in conversation around naming and claiming our desires. Caprice has been blessing Lauren’s life and hair for several years with her healing hands and personal touch of love and compassion. She’s all about empowering Black women to own our unique hair journeys. She encourages us to love our hair and ourselves holistically, and affirms that self care is about so much more than the products we use on our hair or on our bodies. It’s also about our patterns of self-talk and our healing practices. Lauren and Caprice share how they keep their ancestors present, and how this active connection helps them to feel rooted in unconditional worthiness and a sense of belonging within the collective consciousness. As both women affirm, we deserve to have the things we want. Press play to listen in on a heartfelt conversation between friends about trusting ourselves to claim our blessings unapologetically. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT MORE ABOUTLauren’s and Caprice's hair journeysHow Caprice takes care of herself during what can be at times a strenuous labor-intensive experience of giving careThe importance of self care for wellness practitioners and caregiversTrusting ancestral guidanceA prayer Lauren speaks every dayThe Sow The Seeds retreat experience that changed both Lauren and Caprices lives - Shoutout to Danielle Lyles Barton and Karlene Graham Perry for leading this beautiful offeringCaprice’s self love ritualsTrigger Protection Mantra, the song that Lauren’s friend Ananda sent her in a synchronistic momentKeep up with Caprice and schedule an appointment with her on Instagram @CapriceDominiqueFor 20% off of Organifi’s delicious completely plant-based and non-GMO organic superfood blends, head over to and use code blackgirlinom
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    Enroll Now To Join Us For 28 Days To Alignment


    Hey Community! Lauren’s popping in to announce that 28 Days To Alignment, Black Girl In Om’s quarterly alignment and intention masterclass, kicks off this Tuesday the 11th with an intention-setting gathering. This program is all about you setting a clear intention in your life and learning Lauren’s personal rituals, journaling inquiries, and personal best practices for living a life of intention. Your investment in 28 Days To Alignment comes with 2 live group coaching calls with Lauren, 7 guided audio meditations, 4 recorded spiritual downloads, the 28 essential truths of alignment, and more. This self-paced but community interactive journey offers you life-time access so that whenever you’re in need of a reminder of how to return to clear intention and aligned action, you’re supported. All you have to do is show up!If you’re down to enroll for the Spring 2021 experience, head over to and click on “Offerings” to sign up. Use code BGIOPodcast for a special discounted price of $222 ($58 off)
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    #70 Becoming A Reflection Of Our Most Authentic Selves with Taylor S. Hunter


    Photographer, wellness guide, and artist, Taylor S. Hunter (she/her), joins Black Girl In Om founder Lauren Ash (she/they) in conversation around building self-trust and getting specific about our dreams. Taylor’s work is dedicated to affirming black women on their divine paths to self-love and self-discovery. Through her lens, she intentionally creates visuals that encourage us to feel seen and loved; inside and out. In this episode of the BGIO Podcast, Taylor invites us to expand our perceptions of self by stepping into all parts of who we are, shadows included. She shares that connecting with our inner child can remind us of who we truly are, and also nourish and protect our creativity. Lauren and Taylor discuss how we can build self-trust and avoid wasting time by looking to ourselves as sources of insight instead of defaulting to others. By being specific about our dreams and standing firm in our “no”, we create the conditions for our most resonant desires to become realities. As Taylor affirms, “your canvas is yours.” Press play to listen in on how both Lauren and Taylor are authentically co-creating the present moment with the universe. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL FIND OUT MORE ABOUTThe beauty and freedom in embracing changeTaylor’s return home to New Orleans and how she’s creating a richly inspiring artist residency experience for herself thereHow Lauren and Taylor build self-trustThe difference between purpose and career, and how they can inform one anotherHow inviting the “no” can lead you to a resonant “yes”Ways to check in with how we truly feel in relationshipsInfusing relationships of all kinds with authenticity and easeAllowing our past, present, and future selves to inform one another through journalingHow important it is to be specific about what we want in all areas of our livesThe importance of intentional community for artistsStay in the loop with Taylor on Instagram @goldentimetay Book a self-love session with Taylor, check out her beautiful work, and sign up for her lovenotes newsletter at For 20% off of Organifi’s delicious completely plant-based and low-sugar organic superfood blends, head over to Offer support to BGIO’s first physical healing space for Black women, Home, here:
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    #69 Suspending All Constructs Of The Mind with Dr. G


    Spiritual warrior Dr. G (Doc/She/This Being) joins BGIO founder Lauren Ash (She/They) in conversation around the power of play and presence in the face of life’s transitions. Dr G is a clinical psychologist, death doula, writer, and multidisciplinary teacher who works with individuals to transform their adversity into the grounds for strength by bringing greater awareness to the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Doc and Lauren offer that deep rest and surrender through Yoga Nidra empowers them to dissolve imposed identities rooted in capitalism and patriarchy. With those influences quieted, the void space between lives and between worlds becomes accessible. From that space, we’re able to connect with the immortality of our collective consciousness, and to our power as individuals living within that collective. Lauren and Dr G encourage us to seek out who we are outside of the constructed systems we navigate. Once we dissolve those edges of being, anything becomes possible.Stick around after the conversation with Dr. G to hear a special Q+A with Soulful Vibes Co. co-owner, Sunny Brooks, all about accessible wellness and the power of ritual. THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL FIND OUT MORE ABOUTThe immortality of collective consciousnessWhat ‘dissolving’ our identities looks like, and how it open us up to possibility and reclamationIntentionally wielding our power of choiceThe question that led to a breakthrough for both Lauren and Dr G at the life-changing retreat that brought them togetherHow an active connection with Nature can awaken us to essential truths of growth and transformationUtilizing the power of play to transform your relationship with difficult situationsHow Lauren is returning to imagination and commitmentRituals from the Diaspora for facing and processing death that Dr G invites us to utilize in the present moment.The mantra that’s been helping Lauren to feel at home and at ease in nature.Making the impossible possibleHead over to to schedule an appointment with Dr GStay in the loop with Dr G on Instagram @garudagrinIf you were touched by this episode and are inspired to extend a heart offering to Dr. G, you can do so through Paypal @ClaudelleRGlasgow or Venmo: DrCGlasgowShop by intention at for whatever affordable, high quality, high vibrational, spiritual and metaphysical items you may need to get your spiritual practice started, or to supplement your existing rituals. Use code BGIO15 for 15% off your purchaseFollow Soulful Vibes Co on Instagram @soulfulvibesco to keep up with their many intentional offerings#SoulfulVibes #SoulfulVibesCo #SoulfulVibesCoPartner #SoulfulVibesCoAmbassador

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