Bands Like Zappa podcast

Bands Like Zappa

Ben Sommer

Music discovery podcast and blog from composer/performer Ben Sommer. Interviews with musicians and artists who's music "sounds like" Frank Zappa - the incomparable composer and guitarist.

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  • Bands Like Zappa podcast

    Dave Nelson


    Today I talk to composer and trombonist Dave Nelson. I feature a track off his last album Logistic Minutiae – which is a suitably geeky title for a jazz/fusion composer 🙂
  • Bands Like Zappa podcast

    Out of the Beardspace


    Today I talk to Jeremy Savo of the Philadelphia-based band Out of the Beardspace. If you’re in the area, go see their show on January 11 with past BandsLikeZappa feature Statospheerius. And also check out their new experimental EP. Ben Sommer:  I’m here with Jeremy from the band, Out of Beardspace. Jeremy, first of all, tell […]
  • Bands Like Zappa podcast

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  • Bands Like Zappa podcast



    This week I speak French guitar virtuoso & composer Julien Beyleix – the man behind Unfrethead. Ben Sommer: Hi, this is Ben Sommer with Today I’m talking to Julien Beyleix, who comes all the way from France. He is basically the one-man machine behind the band, Unfrethead. Julien, I want you to say hi […]
  • Bands Like Zappa podcast



    Ben Sommer: Hi, this is Ben with I’m here with Joe Deninzon from the band Stratospheerius. Joe, why don’t you just say hi, and just give a little introduction about yourself, the band, and what you guys are all about. Joe Deninzon: First of all, thanks for having me on your program, and my […]
  • Bands Like Zappa podcast

    Drool Brothers


    Up this week is LA-based band Drool Brothers! Ben Sommer: Hi, this is Ben Sommer with I’m here with Chuck Mancillas from the LA-based band Drool Brothers. Chuck, tell us a little bit about the band and where you guys come from. Chuck Mancillas: We were born and raised in Los Angeles, California. My […]
  • Bands Like Zappa podcast

    Keith Horn


    This week I talk to Keith Horn – an original and amazing composer and recording artist. Imagine the best of Frank Zappa crossed with Steely Dan and System of a Down. That’s Keith Horn. Enjoy Ben Sommer: Keith Horn is a composer and a songwriter out of LA and the story is, I’ve been running […]
  • Bands Like Zappa podcast



    For the maiden voyage I talk to Hirotaka Inuzuka of the LA-based progressive rock/jazz band ODDISEA. Ben Sommer: Hello, this is the first interview for the site, I am here with Hiro Inuzuka from the band Oddisea, a West Coast-based prog rock band. So welcome Hiro. Won’t you tell you us a little bit […]

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