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Asia Rising, the podcast of La Trobe Asia which takes a critical look at the key issues facing Asia's states and societies.

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    #172: Anti-China Sentiment in India


    In June 2020 there was a clash between India and China at a disputed border site in the Himalayan Galwan Valley, in which twenty India soldiers were killed. A wave of anti-Chinese sentiment swelled across India, with Chinese-made televisions thrown from balconies, restaurants boycotted and Chinese goods burnt. With the covid-19 pandemic devastating India the anti-Chinese sentiment has only worsened. While bilateral trade between the two countries is now recovering, there is a conscious effort of decoupling. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has banned hundreds of Chinese apps, slowed approval for Chinese investment and called for self-reliance. With Indian public discourse on China worsening, have the two countries have walked away from shaping the ‘Asian century’ together? Guest: Snigdha Poonam (Author and independent Journalist) Recorded on 14 October, 2021.
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    Webinar: Asian Monarchies in the Modern Age


    While the twentieth century saw the collapse of monarchies across Europe, recent events are a reminder that hereditary monarchies still matter in Asia. In some countries like Malaysia and Bhutan the institution is thriving, but they can struggle for relevancy given the pro-democracy movement in Thailand and fast-modernising landscape of Japan. In an era of autocratic populism, does constitutional monarchy provide some safeguards against the megalomania of political leaders? Are they just feudal relics and ceremonial figureheads which should be abolished, or does the division between ceremonial and actual power act as a brake on authoritarian politicians? A virtual book launch of God Save the Queen: The strange persistence of monarchies by Dennis Altman, published by Scribe Publications. Speakers: Professor Dennis Altman (Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow, La Trobe University) Professor Kaori Okano (Japanese Studies, La Trobe University) Dr Wendy Mee, (Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Department of Social Inquiry, La Trobe University) Dr Bec Strating (Executive Director, La Trobe Asia) (Chair) Recorded 12 October, 2021.
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  • Asia Rising podcast

    #171: Vietnam's Strategic Challenge


    As strategic competition between the US and China increasingly shapes the region, Vietnam has reoriented its national foreign and defence policy. Vietnam has a major stake in the international rules-based order. One of its key priorities is defending sovereignty and maritime claims in the South China Sea, which are coming under challenge by an assertive Beijing. Vietnam has been increasingly vocal in its opposition to Beijing's coercive activities and claims in the maritime domain. It has also been deepening diplomatic and defence links with the US and other regional partners, such as Australia. How has strategic competition between the US and China influenced Vietnam's foreign and defence policy? Is Hanoi likely to move closer to the US, or "hedge" against choosing between either power? And what does this mean for Vietnam's relations with China and the wider region? Guest: Dr Huong Le Thu (Senior Analyst, Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) and Non-resident Fellow at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington DC) Recorded on 29th September, 2021.
  • Asia Rising podcast

    Webinar: The Shortest History of China


    Modern China is seen variously as an economic powerhouse, an icon of urbanisation, a propaganda state or an aggressive superpower seeking world domination. From kung-fu to tofu, tea to trade routes, sages to silk, China has influenced cuisine, commerce, military strategy, aesthetics and philosophy across the world for thousands of years. China’s history is full of heroes who are also villains, prosperous ages and violent rebellions, cultural vibrancy and censorious impulses, rebels, loyalists, dissidents and wits. The story of women in China, from the earliest warriors to twentieth-century suffragettes, is rarely told. And historical spectres of corruption and disunity, which have brought down many a mighty ruling house, continue to haunt the People’s Republic today. Panel: Linda Jaivin (Author and co-editor of the China Story Yearbook) Dr Ruth Gamble (Lecturer, History, La Trobe University) Professor Baogang He (Alfred Deakin Professor and Personal Chair in International Relations, Deakin University) Dr Bec Strating (Executive Director, La Trobe Asia)(Chair) A virtual launch of Linda Jaivin’s book ‘The Shortest History of China’, available from Black Inc books. Recorded 28 September, 2021.
  • Asia Rising podcast

    #170: Australia’s Relationship with India


    India and Australia stand to benefit greatly through deep and ongoing engagement. But despite some share interests between the two states, there is a shallow public interest and understanding of India in Australia, and the coverage of the country is often cursory and limited in scope. How can we better promote understanding of India in Australia, leverage shared interests, and strengthen national, business and societal relations? Guest: Lisa Singh (Deputy Chair, Australia India Council and Former Australian Senator (2011-2019)). Recorded on 19th August, 2021.
  • Asia Rising podcast

    #169: Gender and Security in Asia


    Why does gender matter when thinking about security? In Asia, discussions and policies concerning conflict, peace and security remain dominated by male voices and views. The exclusion of women’s voices has significant implications for the types of ideas, strategies and policies that are proposed and adopted in security-related fields. A live recording of the Asia Rising podcast for 'India Week' - in collaboration with the Australia India Institute. Guest: Dr Meenakshi Gopinath (Director, Women in Security Conflict Management and Peace and member of the La Trobe Asia Advisory Board) Recorded on 11th July, 2021.
  • Asia Rising podcast

    Webinar: The Challenge of China


    The recent emergence of China as an economic and military super-power, rivalling the United States, is one of the most significant and challenging developments of the present era. A La Trobe Asia / Ideas and Society event Speakers: - The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull AC (29th Prime Minister of Australia) - The Hon. Kevin Rudd AC (26th Prime Minister of Australia) - Professor John Dewar (Vice-Chancellor, La Trobe University (Introduction) - Dr Rebecca Strating (Executive Director, La Trobe Asia) (Chair) Recorded on 10th August, 2021.
  • Asia Rising podcast

    #168: Religious Tourism in India


    India had more than 10 million foreign tourists arrive in 2019, and more than a billion domestic tourists. A large portion of these are religious tourists, visiting the multitude of Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist sites scattered around the country. Guest: Dr Kiran Shinde (Senior lecturer and Convener of Planning program at La Trobe University) Recorded on 22rd July, 2021.
  • Asia Rising podcast

    Webinar: Is Asia Going to War?


    As Asia grapples with a global pandemic the region has become less secure. China's ambitions in Taiwan and Hong Kong are growing, North Korea is uncharacteristically silent, and the United States, a long-time stabilising presence, continues to slowly withdraw. In this webinar, an expert panel considers where conflict is likely, who could be involved, and what can be done to mitigate the situation. A La Trobe Asia / Asia Society event Speakers: Dr Oriana Skylar Mastro, Center Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University Professor Nick Bisley, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University Guy Boekenstein, Northern Australia Fellow, Asia Society Matt Smith, La Trobe Asia (Chair) Recorded on 4th August, 2021.
  • Asia Rising podcast

    #167: China Panic


    Australia’s relationship with China has been in sharp decline, fuelled by a critical government agenda and a hostile media environment. The trust, warmth and confidence towards China is at a record low, and the majority of Australians now see it as a major security threat. In his new book China Panic, David Brophy offers a progressive alternative to Australia’s relationship with China aside from paranoia and pandering, with solutions and strategies that strengthen Australian democracy. Guest: Dr David Brophy (Senior Lecturer in modern Chinese history, University of Sydney) Recorded on 22nd July, 2021.

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