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GOF, 9 Revisit: Hogwarts Drag Race

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On Episode 368 we discuss...
→ Check out Sorting Hat Chats!
→ If you don't have a friend in your group who is obsessed with Harry Potter, it's probably you
→ No one knows what episode they are on
→ Rex's feelings on Harry & Ron have not changed
→ Traumatic wizarding money
→ Macy's balloons
→ Ludo Bagman's moral compass
→ Fleur is one scary 1/4 bird
→ Arthur Weasley is the voice of reason
→ If Barty Crouch, Jr. would stop turning Draco into a ferret, they would have much to talk about
→ Bringing a knife to a wand fight
→ Bill's spell slots are full and he can't conjure a spell

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