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Caitlin McShea

A new InterPlanetary interview series from the Santa Fe Institute takes a page from the Strugatsky brothers' classic Soviet sci-fi novel, Roadside Picnic, to discuss a variety of transformative alien artifacts. Thirteen years ago, an alien civilization visited our planet, and left behind myriad, mysterious materials in their crash sites. These areas, Zones, behave very strangely, but the interplanetary items they contain could change the trajectory of our technological advancement. What appears as a hoop might actually be a perpetual-motion machine. What appears as a slime might alter space-time. Spend too much time in the Zone and your genes might mutate, your bones might dissolve, your body might be ground into meat. If you’re lucky enough to make it out alive, you’ll likely be imprisoned. But a successful trip in and out of the Zone could alter human history. Do you dare? And for what? Hosted by Caitlin McShea.

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  • Alien Crash Site podcast

    What can an asteroid tell us about our own Planet. #023 with Lindy Elkins-Tanton


    Learn more about what was discussed in this Alien Crash Site episode by clicking through the links below:Lindy’s homepagePsyche MissionASU's InterPlanetary InitiativeVestaKleopatraMaxarHenry Stone at the Jet Propulsion LaboratoryVoyager Mission - Gravity AssistLucy MissionDART MissionPsyche Inspired
  • Alien Crash Site podcast

    #022 - Crossover episode with Complexity Pod: Gary Bengier


    Learn more about what was discussed in this episode by clicking on the links below:Gary’s homepage.Unfettered journeyDan DennettEugene WignerMichael's Complexity Podcast interview with David Kinney2019 IPFest World Building panel discussionGeoffrey West’s ScaleHanson's Age of EmSFI Symposium AI and the Barrier of MeaningACtioN Climate Change seminar - Complexity of SustainabilityPeter TurchinBob May's 1972 paper: "Will a Large Complex System be Stable?"Ayn Rand's Atlas ShruggedPaul Smaldino's work on covert signalingPeter Watt’s BlindsightAsimov’s Foundation trilogy
  • Alien Crash Site podcast

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  • Alien Crash Site podcast

    Co-Ordination: On Time Between Worlds - an InterPlanetary panel on Complex Time


    Learn more about everything referenced in this episode by clicking the links below:New School Policy and Design for Outer SpaceSFI’s InterPlanetary ProjectAging, Adaptation, and the Arrow of Time - A James S. McDonnell Foundation funded research track on Complex TimeComplex Time video playlistInterPlanetary 2019 panel on Complex Time, featuring Sean Carroll
  • Alien Crash Site podcast

    What are the best strategies for finding life in space? #021 with Natalie Grefenstette?


    To learn more about items mentioned in this podcast:Natalie's homepageCo-Ordination: On Time Between Worlds - An InterPlanetary Panel discussion on Complex TimeChris Kempes's Alien Crash Site Interview on life detection"Towards a more universal life detection strategy" as submitted to the Planetary and Astrobiology Decadal SurveyArrivalTed Chiang's "The Story of Your Life"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Alien Crash Site podcast

    Special Announcement - InterPlanetary Panel on Complex Time


    For more information, visit this link and register FOR FREE. Alien Crash Site returns after that with an interview with SFI Post-Doc Natalie Grefenstette.
  • Alien Crash Site podcast

    How does size shape our understanding of and search for life? #020 with Chris Kempes


     Generalized Stoichiometry and Biogeochemistry for Astrobiological ApplicationsMultiple Paths to Multiple LifeWatch Chris Kempes and David Krakauer discuss multiple life in episode 2 of "Andromeda Strain and the Meaning of Life"Watch Sara Walker's critique of Multiple Life in episode 4 of "Andromeda Strain and the Meaning of Life"Allometric scaling of production and life-history variation in vascular plants, by West, Enquist, Brown and Charnov.A related lecture by Geoffrey WestAtlantis Dispatch 009, in which we contemplate cultural origins...Past related ACS episodes - Heather Graham and Cole Mathis on what Chris calls “Chemical Complexity.”Their co-authored paper, Identifying molecules as biosignatures with assembly theory and mass spectrometry.
  • Alien Crash Site podcast

    What to look for, when we don't know what we're looking for? #019 with Heather Graham


    Learn more about everything referenced in this episode by clicking the links below:Identifying Molecules as Biosignatures with Assembly Theory and Mass Spectrometry.Generalized Stoichiometry and Biogeochemistry for Astrobiological Applications.Time TeamElemental CyclesDNA has Four Bases. Some Viruses Swap in a FifthBennuHayabusa MissionAlien Crash Site Episode 015, with Cole Mathis on Assembly Theory.Determination of AzimuthAtlantis Dispatch 001, in which we contemplate the meaning of “past” life.Viking missions84001IsuaBob Hazen
  • Alien Crash Site podcast

    What Governance Structure Best Suits an InterPlanetary Humanity?" #018 with Timiebi Aganaba


    Learn more about things discussed in this episode, by clicking on the links below: Timiebi Aganaba's home pageAnd LinkedInAnd TwitterGlobal Space TreatyArtemis AccordsMaslow's Hierarchy of NeedsLindy Elkins-Tanton of Arizona State University's InterPlanetary ProjectAnd the Psyche MissionThe Court Case: Viasat, Inc (Appellant) Vs. Federal Communications Commission (Appellee) re: Space Exploration Holdings, LLC (Movant-Intervenor). 
  • Alien Crash Site podcast

    What lies in the space between? #017 with Aerospace Engineer Ryan McGranaghan


    To learn more about the items discussed in this interview, click through the links below. Ryan’s websiteRyan on TwitterThe Carrington EventParker Solar ProbeMars MAVENUshering in a New Frontier in Geospace through Data Science Dictionary of Obscure sorrowsWhat is an Individual?Jorge Luis Borges“Talk on Indolence” by the Avett Brothers"Machine Gun" by Jimi Hendrix
  • Alien Crash Site podcast

    How Do Artifacts Inform Cultural Evolution? #016 with Vanessa Ferdinand


    For more information on items mentioned in this interview, click through the links below.Vanessa’s WebsiteInterPlanetary 2018 Festival panel "Intelligent Systems and Cognitive Assistance" featuring Vanessa, David Krakauer, Jonah Nolan, Graham Spencer & Kurt Squire.Dan Sperber Norman Rockwell's painting "The Gossips" Giant dragonfly - MeganeuraAlien Crash Site interview with Tamara van der DoesDune witchesBuena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan Jil JilalaNass El Ghiwane 

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