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Dedicated to keeping you inspired. Chatting with folks creating their own work and thoughts on my acting journey in the form of an honest diary.

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    Dan Caleb - Music


    Great chat with Dan Caleb. Covering themes including - Mental Health, Truth, Self Healing, meditation. We also have one of Dan's pre-recorded tunes (On The Hillside) and he even plays us his latest song (A Meditation on the Death of a Friend) live in my living room! Check out "On The Hillside" on Spotify and follow on twitter, facebook and Instagram: @dancalebmusic  ENJOY!!!  
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    It's been a while. Edinburgh was crazy and I'm not great at balancing priorities. So all of my focus was on the show and the HOARDS of mistakes i made in the run up to and during the festival.  I'm currently on holiday and will be back soon to give a more detailed review.  Big Love, Lewis x x x 
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  • Acting Inspired podcast

    Fringe First!


    It has been a mad, one as you know, but finally I  have found 5 minutes to sit down and have a little think and share that with you lot, as I do!  So here is the first week review of being here!  ENJOY!!!
  • Acting Inspired podcast

    Kae Alexander Take Over!!!


    Kae and Rin steal the host chair and take over Acting Inspired for this late episode! It has been a mental week of getting last minute admin bits done, tightening the show, deciding the show needs to be totally rewritten and getting blocked on twitter... Rin is smashing it with my social media and Kae has been the head of logistics! Its been great but did mean we missed a pod... But here it is! ENJOY!!!
  • Acting Inspired podcast

    Waffle pod/this is a stick up!


    Give us all your money! please? we'll give you some gifts in return!  Like... A personalised song made by Lewis Goody or even a whole, infamous, hot air baboon night... Totally in your honour! For just YOU! That is going to be sooooo therapeutic!  put all your cash in this bag... I love you all... NEARLY THERE ENJOY! 
  • Acting Inspired podcast

    Its Now or Never...


    I missed a pod last week and I feel terrible about it. It's really time to shape up, I was in such a good place when I started this three years ago and it could be so much more. I talk over the crowds chanting for the England/Columbia game about deadlines and discipline. Post me talking about doing stuff we have a post-show talk with two dudes who have done so so much in the last year or so - Its the final post-show talk post Section 2. with the writer Peter Imms, Producer Jon Tozzi, Actor Alexandra Da Silva, Kate Louis Haywood - Experienced being sectioned - and her sister Liz Rotheram. ENJOY!!!  
  • Acting Inspired podcast

    Post Show Host!


    Post Show Talk for Section 2 @ The Bunker Theatre with: Karl Knights who was sectioned in 2016, Alison Kerry from Mind, Director of ‘Section 2’ Georgie Staight and cast members Nathan Coenen and Esme Patey Ford.  Update on progress of "I CANT DO THIS!"  ENJOY!!!
  • Acting Inspired podcast

    Section 2. The Bunker Theatre


    The creatures have done us proud! What a fantastic piece of theatre I have just seen. An important topic, well executed in every way.  I will be hosting the post-show talks on the 19th June and 3rd July and I can't wait so please come down and say hello! Orrrrr if for some reason you're avoiding me... yes... you... Then come on any of the other nights!  PERFORMANCE DATES & TIME 11 June - 7 July 2018 Tuesday and Fridays at 8:30pm Standard: £15.00 Concession: £12.00 U30s (10 per performance): £10.00 You can buy a double-bill ticket for SECTION 2 and NO-ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU for £22 as part of our BREAKING OUT season.  ENJOY!!!
  • Acting Inspired podcast

    Hometown Preview.


    As I begin to feel slightly more comfortable about the show it is time to start thinking about raising the money to do it. It's interesting to me that my brain goes, "why should anyone give us money to do a show and festival that we chose and wanted to do?" I guess I have learned over time to not put much value on to the arts, especially if it is my own thing... what a bummer!  I did my show in Plymouth and had a great time, I learned a lot about what needs to change and what needs to be added and scrapped, so it was great but did leave me feeling a little worried and lonely oddly?!  ENJOY!!!
  • Acting Inspired podcast

    Lets Do This.


    Its been getting STAGNANT on the ol' AI pod of late so some time out and away from civilisation was much needed! Cleared the air of my mind and gave me time to get some things in order.  I'm lazy, it is out of fear but I'm still lazy, that's the bottom line and it's about time I did something about it. I am doing that by doing this show but I need to apply that to the rest of my life. It's too too easy for someone like me to get bitter. I am working on it now though.  I have my show in Plymouth tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it! I'm excited and nervous to show the people I grew up with what I've been up to... lots of running around naked and playing the ukulele...  LET'S DO THIS...

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