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Brian Hood and Chris Graham

6 Figure Creative is a podcast that helps freelance creatives earn more money by doing what they love. If you’re trying to avoid the never-ending grind of a 9–5, or just want to earn more money doing what you do best (creating), 6 Figure Creative is your new favorite show! Join hosts Brian Hood and Chris Graham as they explore topics such as mental health, finances, sales, marketing, time management, the digital nomad lifestyle, and more.

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    #177: Using the Power of Humor to Grow Your Business | With Obedient Agency


    Humor is a great way to connect with your friends 1 on 1, but it’s one of the most difficult things to do right in marketing (1 on many). Allie LeFevere of Obedient Agency has spent the last six years helping companies find the sweet spot between lame, lifeless jokes and cringy, over-the-top humor to get their marketing just right. Listen now to learn how Allie has built her business from a two-person partnership to a thriving agency with 8 people on the team! In this episode you’ll discover: How you can make your brand memorable Why your brand shouldn’t always fall in line with your personal tastes What goes into good humor in copywriting How Allie systematically creates amazing copy Why being different is vital How to crush objections before they’re mentioned by your clients What happens when a robo vacuum meets a literal pile of sh*t How to handle yourself with confidence Why you don’t want to be the business who does everything For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/177
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    #176: How To Use Email Marketing To Land Corporate Clients As a Photographer | With Daniel Clark Cunningham


    Most freelancers shy away from the corporate world because “they’re special snowflake creatives who will never sell out and could never possibly be fulfilled working with corporations”.  The reality is that any creative work can be fulfilling.  The beauty of working with corporate clients is they actually have budgets.  With budgets come options... The option to actually make great money as a creative.  The option to turn down clients who don’t have budgets.  The option to do bigger, better, more creatively-fulfilling projects.  This week’s guest, Daniel Clark Cunningham, is a perfect example of this.  He’s worked with many household names – from Discovery Network to Dale Earnhardt Jr., to Chevrolet – and he’s learned a lot along the way. He’s also taken a very unconventional path to get to where he is today.  Listen now to learn how Daniel used “the war of attrition”, constant failure, and email marketing to build his photography business.  In this episode you’ll discover: How to level up from broke clients to well-paying gigs The three things needed to succeed as a freelancer Why internships are sometimes a necessary evil How to outlast your competition When to work on projects for yourself The key to understanding your clients How being ready to say “yes” brings opportunities How to explain why you’re worth what you charge For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/176
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    #175: The 6 Figure Creative's Guide To Copywriting For Freelancers | With Rachel Greiman


    The words you write have the power to build trust and win clients, but they also have the power to bore people to death and turn away clients.  It’s your choice whether you want to put in the work to write website copy that does all the “selling” for you. Most freelancers, unfortunately, leave copywriting as an afterthought. This creates a massive opportunity to stand out from your competitors by taking the time to nail your website copy.  This week’s guest, Rachel Greiman, is a freelance copywriter who works with nearly 100 clients per year.  Not only is she earning 6 figures from her freelance work, she’s also writing website copy for other 6 figure freelance photographers (our guest from episode #172 is actually one of her 6 figure clients). That makes Rachel the perfect expert to bring onto the podcast to teach us all about the process behind copywriting for freelancers.  In this episode you’ll discover: How great copy can affect your business Why copy should come before your website design How to understand what your ideal clients are looking for How to package your offering so the client buys what they want and gets what they need Why niching is so vital to your business How systems help Rachel have six figure years over and over How to go from $500 projects to $5,000 projects Why some businesses shouldn’t have repeat clients For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/175
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    #174: How You're Sabotaging Your Business With These 5 Toxic Mindsets


    You always struggle to make progress in your business.   Everyone seems to be against you.  You can’t hire anyone because they’ll never do it as well as you can. You simply can’t bring yourself to leave the security of your day job. These are all symptoms of negative mindsets that are holding you back from your full potential as an audio engineer and entrepreneur! By working to defeat negative mindsets, you can be much more comfortable in your own shoes and teach yourself to succeed rather than waiting for someone to hand things to you on a platter.  Listen to this episode now to find out how you can identify and eliminate five different toxic mindsets that are ruining your chances of success! In this episode you’ll discover: Why you need to work on eliminating negative mindsets Which negative mindsets might be affecting you How the “blue-collar” mindset can hold your business back Why outsourcing low-paying tasks can increase your hourly earnings Why reacting negatively to someone else’s success is a sign of a bad mindset How playing the victim will stop you in your tracks Why holding grudges steals your time and energy How fear negatively affects your business What mental blocks the fixed mindset causes… And why they’re wrong How Chris and Brian both overcame a fixed mindset to become successful business owners For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/174
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    #173: Should You Just Quit?


    We’ve all hit the point in our lives when we’ve faced this question.  “Should I just quit?” Whether you’re considering giving up on your entire business, or you’re simply considering quitting a new approach to marketing you’ve been trying out, it can be difficult to keep going when stuff gets hard.  So should you give up and go back to the way things were when it was “easier”?  Should you push forward and keep trying even when everything sucks?  That’s what I discuss in this week’s super short podcast episode. For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/173
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    #172: How To Earn 6 Figures In An Obscure Niche With Clever SEO And Expert Copywriting | Sean Oblizalo


    I love learning about people who are earning 6 figures in a relatively obscure niche… especially when they’ve grown that business to where it is in just a few short years.  Sean Oblizalo has built an incredibly successful adventure elopement photography business. If you’ve never heard of that before, you’re not alone.  While elopement photography may be relatively obscure, what isn’t obscure are the strategies he used to build his business to 6 figures in such a relatively short amount of time.  This interview is a gold mine for any freelancer who’s struggling to get website traffic, leads, or clients.  In this episode you’ll discover: How Sean built a six-figure business in just three years What inspired Sean’s unique business idea How you can harness the power of SEO for your business Why Facebook ads aren’t for everyone Why incredible copywriting is crucial for your website How to get incredible copy even if you’re a terrible writer Why systems and processes are crucial for building trust with your clients The hidden benefits of building trust with your clients For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/172
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    #171: The Freelancer's Guide To Passive Income And Smart Personal Finances | With Graham Cochrane


    Do you run a successful business, but find yourself stressed out about finances? Does it affect your creativity to the point that you aren’t making your projects the absolute best? If your finances are a shambles, chances are your business isn’t very stable, and neither is your personal life. It’s time to make a change. A big welcome back to Graham Cochrane of The Graham Cochrane Show as he talks about potential solutions and fail-safes to make sure that you can survive difficult times in your business and come out the other end swinging! In this episode you’ll discover: Why service-based businesses should have some scaleable income streams How a retainer model can boost your business’ income What opportunities overwhelmed consumers provide How eliminating your fear can make you bolder, to take good opportunities and leave behind mediocre ones Why poor personal finance is the downfall of many businesses How trading up cars and paying car payments to yourself can buy you a new car in the long run How growing your business too much can hurt your family, creativity, or life How you can start to safely save money for retirement, as well as keep you – and your business – alive during spare months Why you should discuss financial priorities with your family to see if you are overspending or can cut back For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/171
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    #170: The 5 Types Of Follow-Ups That Will Help You Double Your Income | With Mark Eckert


    Please tell me you’ve never been this person... “Hey.” “How’s it going?” “U there? lol.” “Hello?!?!?” That’s the person who makes everyone cringe when they’re around. If that’s you, I hate to say it, but there’s a reason everyone ignores you.  On the other side of things, if you’re the type of person who never follows up with anyone then you’re leaving half your potential income behind.  Following up is an important part of business, but as with almost everything in life there’s a tactful, professional way to do it and then there’s a desperate, needy, cringey way to do it.   On this episode of 6 Figure Creative, Brian Hood and substitute co-host Mark Eckert talk about the 5 types of follow-ups that can help double your income over the next 12 months.  In this episode you’ll discover: Why you should follow up with people How to follow up properly in 5 different situations What to use as your subject line for email follow ups How to nurture relationships by following up Why being pushy or nudgy is not the way to follow up How to get introductions to the right people Why speaking in a polite and political manner helps in follow ups How to use your network to grow your network When to offer people money in exchange for their time For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/170
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    #169: Earning $10k+ Per Month With A Productized Service (And Only 2 Hours Of Work) | With Brian Casel


    If there was a way to shift your freelance business in a way that consistently led to higher income, fewer hours, and more predictability, would you be interested in hearing more?  This is exactly what Brian Casel did with his business. He created a productized service that allowed him to hire a team to remove most of the work from his plate to the point where he was spending less than 2 hours per month on that business.  The best part is that his clients were paying him a flat fee every single month, which meant he had predictable, recurring revenue.  Whether or not you ever want to run your business this way, this interview is a must-watch for anyone looking to grow their income. In this episode you’ll discover: What it’s like to launch, grow, and sell a business How to create a scalable business that runs without you Why having a productized service is a smart move for freelancers How to provide a service you have no experience with Why it’s important to choose an industry you’re passionate about How to build a business that runs on autopilot What to do when you find extra time because your business runs autonomously How to hire the right people For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/169
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    #168: Atomic Habits for Freelancers: Growing Your Snowball


    If you build healthy habits and routines in your life, you will always win over someone who waits around for motivation to get things done.  Atomic Habits is one of our all-time favorite books, so we dedicated this episode to discussing some of our favorite takeaways from the book and how it all applies to someone who is freelancing. Listen now to learn about building healthy habits, eliminating unhealthy habits, and how something called a “Systems Snowball” can help along the way. In this episode you’ll discover: How Brian and Chris make the most of their reading experience The pros and cons of Kindle Why habits are such an important part of our day to day lives Why small habits matter the most How to build your systems snowball What to do if you aren’t a goal-oriented person How to view lagging vs. leading indicators of your habits How systems have shaped humanity Why it’s important to forge ahead even when you can’t see progress For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/168

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