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    The science of cancer and care


    Dr. Brandon Blue is an oncologist and physician-scientist at Moffitt Cancer Center. As a medical doctor he spends his time treating blood cancers, so this is an apt episode for Blood Cancer Awareness Week. As a researcher though he's trying to understand more about disparities in diagnosis and treatment of such cancers so that all patients receive better care. Brandon is also a big proponent of outreach, wanting to give back to his family, friends, neighbors and other community members. Whether we're talking about holding Facebook live sessions on COVID-19 or coaching his kids' baseball team – Brandon is a firm believer in stepping up to the plate.
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    Psychology, psychopathy and creating positive change


    What happens when your psychology research just doesn’t quite scratch that itch any more? Well, in the case of Prof. Edelyn Verona, it means you join with your colleagues to create a Center for Justice Research and Policy, something she is well placed to do as an expert in mental health, and violent and criminal behavior.
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    NDN Science on Earth Day


    Meet Annie Sorrell the lover of manatees, from Montana (Annie is from Montana - not the manatees). And Loga Fixico, scientist, philosopher and studier of complex systems. What do they have in common? Well, they both studied at the Center for Native Peoples and the Environment at SUNY ESF, they’re cousins, and they’re cohosts of the NDN Science Show. We had the great pleasure of speaking with them on Earth Day in the midst of our taste of science festival on everything from how they use their training to assist their indigenous communities, to the value of understanding culture and storytelling in informing scientific research.
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    From pikas to politics


    Prof. Nancy Huntly is the scientist who almost never was. All through high school and university she didn’t feel like science was for her, but her curiosity has led her to study ecosystems as an academic, work for government agencies and more recently she's been researching how best to keep grad students in STEM programs. All that was not enough for Nancy though as she has also run for State Senate in Utah! Join us as we chat about her unique and inspiring journey from pikas to politics
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    Math the vote pt II: Polls and predictions


    While at Northwestern University, Dr. Alexandria Volkening and her colleagues developed compartmental mathematical models to predict the 2020 US elections. What's a compartmental model? How do you teach kids about math modeling using Finding Nemo? Which is better: the Parmvir poll or the Alexandria poll? We ask her about this and more.
  • 2Scientists podcast

    Math the vote pt I: The geometry of gerrymandering


    Gerrymandering has been described as the process by which the people being elected get to chose the people that elect them. It turns out that, while many people would argue that gerrymandering is not healthy for democracy, doing it right requires some maths. Dr. Thomas Weighill is a mathematician “weighing in” to do just that.
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    COVID-19 special: The Math Epidemiologist


    A journey through ecology, evolution, infectious disease, mathematics and computational biology in medicine is what has made Dr. Brandon Ogbunu the scientist he is today. And he is completely unapologetic about it because Brandon’s believes that all these facets of his work, personality and ethnicity put him in a unique position to understand complex interactions. That includes those that we’re seeing in the midst of a pandemic. We had the pleasure of talking to Brandon about his writing including wired pieces on social justice and spotting experts over opportunists, and an article for ESPN’s The Undefeated. We also talked about his research, comedy and his love for science fiction.
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    COVID-19 special: The Microbiologist


    Dr James Gurney is a microbiologist interested in infectious diseases. He is also a big fan of science communication whether that means talking to students in classrooms, hosting his own podcast, or consulting for Kurzgesagt. In fact it’s the latter that inspired us to ask James on our show. You can find the Kurzgesagt on the novel coronavirus here. We talked about James’ current research, armchair scientists and naturally, COVID-19.
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    COVID-19 special: The Conservation Biologist


    Bats are a hot topic right now in light of COVID-19, but anyone working on them will tell you these are some of the most misunderstood mammals. Thankfully Dr. Susan Tsang is an expert and she sat down with us to talk about her favorite pollinators. Yes, just like the birds and the bees, we should be including bats among the organisms that help transfer seeds. Listen in, or this time watch(!) to hear more about Susan’s field of biogeography (the study of where things live), conservation, and how her science is affected by the current crisis.
  • 2Scientists podcast

    Eat the crust


    Eat the crust? No, we’re not talking bread, we are talking about that layer of our planet earth, because our guest is geoscientist, Beth Bartel. For someone who’s worked a lot with GPS, much of Beth’s career has been pretty meandering. For now though she’s settled on a job she loves, helping communicate the science of geology and natural hazards, while training other scientists to share their work. We talked to Beth about the challenge of tackling pseudoscience, and the need for including social sciences to inform other fields of research.

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