2 Non Doctors podcast

2 Non Doctors

Liz Miele, Maria Shehata

Comedians Liz Miele and Maria Shehata talk about health, their bodies and life with little to no accuracy. It is personal and funny, but if it is informative - that’s just an unfortunate side effect. Privacy is not on the table, and they take real issues and silly phobias and have fun with all of it. They discuss the little-known neurological disorder Misophonia, that causes sufferers (Maria) to hate something as seemingly inoffensive as gum chewing, Liz opens up about her depression, a disease that runs in Liz’s family that she currently fears will come back the longer she shares a small studio with her boyfriend. As well as psoriasis, weight gain, whether or not vitamins are real, and can we please continue not hugging people after the outbreak is over? What Maria and Liz lack in real information they make up for in jokes, silly discussions and no copay! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/2-non-doctors/support

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