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Beanie Mania (2021) | Nice Try July

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For our first proper installment of Nice Try July, Fernanda and Danielle revisit the madness of the mid-90s with Beanie Mania, a 2021 documentary from HBO Max and director Yemisi Brookes. Does Danielle regret not getting in on the craze when she had the chance in high-school? How does all this seem to Fernanda, who grew up in the Beanie-less country of Brazil? Was this brief phenomenon in American culture and more or less stupid than any of the other ones? Is everything, in fact, stupid?? Find out! More from Fanbyte: Fanbyte Podcast Network (We do other podcasts too!) Follow us on Twitter (Yell at us on Twitter in good ways.) Talk to us on Discord (Talk to us and our loving community. Also we have a pets channel that is very good.) Twitch Live Streams (Hang out with us live.) Rate and review our show (let us know where we feature in the podcast video rental store of your heart!) And hey, get in touch if you want to advertise with us: [email protected] Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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