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Brians Back!, Taping Veneer Seams, Making Interior Doors, and MORE!!

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This Episodes Questions:

Brian's Questions:

Ashtin here Hey guys love the podcast thank you for putting out good content for all of us to hear

My question is I’m very new to the woodworking community I don’t have a shop or a space I work in I use all mobile equipment I do all my work outside I want to know what projects I can do that will help build my skills in and my confidence I have a DEWALT Dw7491rs Table saw  A Bosch router table Ra1181 A craftsman jointer Cmew020 A wen 6524 spindle and belt sander combo A dewalt Dws 780 miter saw I do have a Incra 1000se Also what blade would you recommend for my table saw for an all around use? I have been using Diablo blades sense I have had it. Ashtin

Brian also gives a nice PSA on shop safety and how thiungs can go wrong quickly

Guy's Questions:

I've been doing some veneering using a vaccum bag.  Mostly just panels for doors and box lids. When I join two pieces of veneer together at a seam I'll use blue painters tape to hold the seem together. My.problem is when I get it out and start taking the tape off I'll get some of the veneer fibers coming off with the tape.  How can I prevent it from happening? Thanks John

Hi guys.  Love the podcast.  I've learned a bunch from you all.  My question is about end grain.  I'm building a cherry night stand that has a shelf that will be 20" long and about 17" wide.  I'm making the shelf from solid cherry as well.  The 17" dimension end grain will show on the left and right sides of the night stand.  I made my own cherry veneer from the stock I have (it's about 1/32" thick) and was thinking I could edge band it to the ends.  But if I do that, the glue holding the veneer will prevent the  wood from moving, right?  I was even thinking about using the banding so that the grain follows the top (like a waterfall).  But it doesn't solve the glue issue.  Am I correct in this thinking?  How can I dress up the ends so that it doesn't look like amateurish?  Or should I just sand the end grain to a very fine grit and/or seal the end grain before finishing so that it doesn't get darker than the shelf itself? Thanks so much. Anthony

Huy's Questions:

Hello Gentlemen,

I’m planning on replacing the cheap hollow-core door that leads from my conditioned basement to my workshop garage.

Any advise on materials? I know MDP is  flat but edges are brittle. Can I use an mdf or plywood core and dress it up with thinner material? How should I go about this while accounting for wood movement? My jointer is the limiting factor, bench-top with only a couple feet in totable bed lengths combined.

Thanks Again, Dave

I’m an “aspiring” woodworker in Harvest Alabama. I have a 1 car garage with a 5x8x6 tornado bunker in the middle of the floor. If you had that, is there any way that you would reuse that space to your advantage? Not just storage space, but actively- like dust collection, or an extra long panel saw. Tom

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