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#11: Bonus Episode - Current Wildlife Health News with Michelle & Vin

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Catch up with Michelle & Vin as they discuss ongoing wildlife health news and issues, developments with the podcast, and then get into some new segments including: Who's Back in Wildlife Disease, Challenging Terms in Wildlife Health (i.e. Words Vin Mispronounces), Parasites are Cool Too, and This Week in Wildlife Health. 


Link to Frog Story:  https://www.arguk.org/get-involved/news/look-out-for-leech-predation-on-amphibians-by-a-new-alien-species-placobdella-costata


Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus: https://wildlifehealth.org/rabbit-hemorrhagic-disease-virus/

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Updates: https://wildlifehealth.org/tag/epizootic-hemorrhagic-disease-virus/


Huntington Beach Oil Spill Updates:  https://owcn.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/pipeline-p00547-incident




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