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How To Monetize On YouTube With Harley Morenstein

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Are you watching your window of opportunity pass by? Today we share why you need to start now to create success, explore the lessons you will learn the hard way, and unpack how YouTube continues to disrupt industries. Hosts Sahil Bloom and Greg Isenberg are joined by Harley Morenstein, another member of the “Montreal Mafia,” who created the YouTube sensation Epic Meal Time. Together they discuss how the internet has shrunk the window of acceptability, offer advice on why content creators must check their egos, and share how false starts lead to future success.

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Harley Morenstein: https://twitter.com/HarleyPlays

Epic Meal Time: https://www.youtube.com/epicmealtime

Production & Marketing Team: https://penname.co/


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Greg Isenberg: https://twitter.com/gregisenberg

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00:00 Sneak Peek

00:54 Twitter Beef Introductions

04:35 Proposing Tomorrow’s Future

08:08 The Window of Acceptability

10:47 Starting Epic Meal Time

20:30 Monetizing Youtube

26:09 Before the Creator Economy

31:46 The Dark Side of Audiences

36:24 Controlling Your Content

41:18 Choosing Growth Over Clout

44:30 Harley’s Future for Twitch

50:27 Getting “Mom” Approval

53:48 The Future of Reviewing

59:20 The Learning Costs of Success

1:05:20 Thanks for Listening

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