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Betting Big on Web3 with Li Jin

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Crypto is still the future, are you in or out? Today we discuss why the crypto market needed a reset, explain how to hack back your creativity, and divulge the secret to picking investments in a down market. Hosts Greg Isenberg and Sahil Bloom are joined by guest Li Jin, the mastermind behind the “passion economy,” the co-founder of Variant, and a fundraising savant, who was able to raise her first fund during the onset of the pandemic. Li shares the lesson investors (hopefully) learned from the fall of 3 Arrows Capital, Sahil depicts why creators must have passion for the products they build, and Greg shares the pitch story that is every founder's worst nightmare. ►► Want more community? Learn more here: http://trwih.com SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS ►► Competition for great talent is more brutal than ever. To be able to hire better and faster, you need a trusted source of pre-vetted candidates. Lemon.io is a place like that. They have a network of engineers from Europe and Latin America, and every candidate has already been tested and interviewed by their team. So, how is it different from hiring on your own? • You can have an engineer start working on your project within a week instead of months • You don’t waste your time on candidates that are not qualified • You’ll have easy access to global talent without having to go through dozens of job boards • And finally, it’s more affordable than hiring local talent. Sign up at https://lemon.io/room and get your 15% off for the first 4 weeks of work with a developer. ►► This episode is also brought to you by LMNT (http://DrinkLMNT.com/HAPPENS). LMNT is a delicious electrolyte drink mix with all of the things you need and none of the junk. It contains a science-backed electrolyte ratio: 1000 mg sodium, 200 mg potassium, 60 mg magnesium. LMNT can help prevent and eliminate headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, sleeplessness, and other common symptoms of electrolyte deficiency. It tastes amazing and is great after a workout or one too many drinks :) Right now LMNT is offering our listeners a free sample pack with any order. That’s 8 single serving packets FREE with any LMNT order. Get yours at http://drinklmnt.com/HAPPENS. And it’s so good they have a no questions asked refund policy but you won’t need it. THIS EPISODE Li Jin: https://twitter.com/ljin18 Sahil Bloom: https://twitter.com/SahilBloom Greg Isenberg: https://twitter.com/gregisenberg Production & Marketing Team: https://penname.co/ FIND US ONLINE Twitter: https://twitter.com/_trwih Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_trwih TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@_trwih Web: https://trwih.com Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6aB0v6amo3a8hgTCjlTlvh Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/where-it-happens/id1593424985

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