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Spiritual Death of the Heart: What Happens in Between Our Death and the Hereafter

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Death isn’t the greatest loss in life, it’s the spiritual death of our hearts while we are still living.

I once heard that we treat death like a mystery, when in fact, it’s the one experience all of us are guaranteed to share.

As human beings living in this dunya, we tend to not see the shape of the life we’ve lived until we have reached the end of it. Subhanallah how death is the one thing that simultaneously kills us but also motivates us to live a very fulfilled life, a life that Allah is pleased with. 

Through seeking knowledge surrounding this topic I have read that the acceptance of death is not the same thing as giving up on life, instead it allows us to bring meaning to our lives.

But why do we fear it  so much? And for me personally, if I can’t handle the death of a loved one, how can I ever prepare myself for my own death?

In today’s episode I sit down with Lena Tleib, a humanitarian, a community leader, and someone who is very active in the civic and social sector. 

Lena is someone whom I’ve had the pleasure of attending her lectures and someone who gives great advice and insight pertaining to our faith. And so, she was the perfect guest to discuss the topic of the Hereafter.

She is also someone who performs ghusl at our local Masjid - which is the process of washing the bodies of the deceased. I wanted to learn more about how this experience has shaped her connection to Allah and strengthened her in her faith. 

How can we be more comfortable with transitioning from this dunya to the Hereafter? How can we have the Akhira in our hearts and the dunya in our hands?

If the belief in life after death is central to the meaning and purpose of our lives as Muslims, then how can we truly believe in the temporariness of this dunya and the permanence of the Hereafter?

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