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An Egg-citing Mammal

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I'm back!

I'm finally back after a long break during the pandemic. It might have been because I had no idea what to do next for a podcast, or simply because lying around at home doing nothing got me lazy. ;)

I'm just glad I'm back with a new—at least in my opinion—fascinating podcast. I do plan on making another podcast in the near future, but we will see where the water takes me. Thank you for listening to my podcasts! <3 (P.S I go by king now :))

Have you ever wondered about life in space. To be fair, the universe is so vast that its hard to know. But do we need to? You may have heard of this species, but have you ever stopped to consider how other-worldly it is? This podcast can change that. We follow the current to find the nest of worlds only egg-laying mammal. The platypus.


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