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Episode 32: How to Stay on Track When Eating Out

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In this episode, Ryan and Caileen discuss strategies for eating out while staying on track with fitness goals. They cover options at Chinese restaurants, including boiled meats and vegetables, and the importance of watching out for high-calorie foods. They also discuss ordering at burger joints and the possibility of indulging in burgers while still maintaining a balanced diet. They emphasize the importance of planning and making special requests at restaurants to fit your goals. Caileen also shares her experience with the Cheat Truck, a mobile food truck that offers delicious pizzas and desserts. Overall, the conversation provides practical tips for enjoying meals out while staying on track with your health and fitness goals. 


  • Choose boiled meats and vegetables at Chinese restaurants to stay on track with fitness goals.
  • Be mindful of high-calorie foods, such as breaded and fried options, at Chinese restaurants.
  • Consider cooking at home as a way to have more control over ingredients and portion sizes.
  • Opt for lettuce wraps and lower-fat options at burger joints to make healthier choices. 
  • Avoid high-calorie items like chips at Mexican restaurants.
  • Make special requests at restaurants to fit your goals.
  • Plan indulgences and save macros for pizza outings. When looking for pizza alternatives, consider options like buffalo chicken pizza or keto pizza bowls.
  • Italian restaurants often have steak or chicken dishes that can be a safer choice for macros.
  • Sushi can be high in carbs due to the rice, so opt for sashimi or lean cuts of fish without rice.


00:00 - Introduction

02:08 - Eating Out and Staying on Track

03:47 - Eating at Chinese Restaurants

06:38 - Choosing Healthier Options at Chinese Restaurants

09:56 - Watching Out for High-Calorie Foods at Chinese Restaurants

12:34 - The Joy of Cooking at Home

13:43 - Ordering at Burger Joints

25:15 - Chicken as a Lower Fat Option

25:33 - Choosing Healthier Options at Restaurants

30:14 - Making Special Requests at Restaurants

31:52 - Avoiding High-Calorie Mexican Foods

37:08 - Navigating Pizza Places

46:33 - Italian Food

53:48 - Sushi

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