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Episode 22: 5 Tips For Better Digestion

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“You are what you digest, not what you eat”

It’s true! If your body can’t digest and absorb all the vitamins and nutrients contained in the foods you are eating then what’s the point? 

So what’s the solution? Fix your digestion. 

Coach Caileen and Coach Ry are giving you 5 quick and easy tips to help improve your digestion so that you can fully optimize your health and reach your goals. Whether it’s weight loss or muscle building, you can’t do it without good digestion. 


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Time Stamps
00:00 - Intro
01:42 - Caileen’s New Certification
03:50 - Was it worth the macros?
08:30 - Chew Your Food!
16:34 - Distracted Eating
19:18 - Don’t Eat Stressed
24:52 - Don’t Drink While Eating
30:51 - Go For A Walk

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