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19: Bahman Sarram - Paths to Freedom

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Episode #19

Bahman Sarram is an artist, violinist, composer, producer and singer/songwriter whose music ties together many cultures and expressions into an ecstatic celebration of life. Based in San Diego, Bahman has won over audiences with his passion and unlimited energy that vibrates through his performances and diverse musical palette.

Bahman’s musical versatility knows no bounds and can’t be categorized into a single genre. No matter what style he’s playing whether funk, jazz fusion, Middle Eastern, Conscious Music, folk or rock, his improvisational skills, raw energy and natural instinct for melody leaves audiences with a feeling that they have experienced something unique and rare.

In this episode, we discuss Bahman's early music days as a child in post-revolutionary Iran, where music lessons were officially banned by the regime. It leads us to a deep and important conversation about the universal experiences of artists who have left their homeland for creative freedom.

Today, Bahman and his group The Mystic Groove Collective includes a lineup of musicians that have been together for over 15 years playing for diverse audience with a passion that leaves listeners entranced at every show.

This interview was Originally recorded on March 19, 2022.

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